Southgate Medallion Tribute

Issue 42 Vol 6

Thank You

Thank you for joining us at the appreciation party.

Winner from the appreciation dinner party are:

Door Prize – Pawanvir Gill

Quiz Prize – Nadia Merchant

Social Media Prize – Sukhjit Grewal

CONGRATULATIONS!!! to the winners. If you have not received your gift, it will be dropped off by your consultant.

We are excited to share memories from the dinner party. Please see the video below:

Photographs from the May 2022 Educator Appreciation & 40th Birthday Party


As school break is coming ahead. Families are planning their trip for vacations.

As educators you also deserve a vacation. Discuss your vacation planning with parents and see if those days work for both parties. You can create a vacation calendar where parents can write the days their children will be absent so you can plan your accordingly.

If you have any questions, please contact your consultant.

Coordinator corner

Educator Appreciation and 40th Birthday Celebration

I would like to convey my thanks and gratitude to all those educators who gave up some of their Victoria Day Long Weekend to attend the Agency Educator Appreciation and 40th Birthday Celebration event on May 21st, 2022. I think we can all agree that it has been far too long since we last got together in January 2020, and I am looking forward to continuing to facilitate with my wonderful team more networking opportunities in the near future. I hope that you all had fun. I certainly saw a lot of you enjoying the photobooth! Please take a moment to take a look at the slideshow that has been put together…you may see yourself on there!

Review of Standard 10A – Incidents

Working with small children who are still learning how to balance, walk, run, gain spatial awareness and awareness of others around them, it is unavoidable that bumps and knocks occur during their day with you in your day home. Whilst children are also gaining social and language skills, it is expected that children may choose to use their actions rather than words to express themselves with other children – this may also lead to a minor scratch or knock. Incident reporting is an important and inevitable part of your work as day home educators, and I would like to take some time to review Standard 10A – Incidents.

· Why are day home educators required to report incidents?

Reporting incidents to parents and the agency is a procedure that is in place not only to protect the children, show transparency to parents, but also to protect you as day home Educators.

Do not be hesitant about reporting an injury to your consultant. As an Agency we are here to support you and having a clear paper trail of even the smallest scratch, knock or bump to a child, mitigates the possibility of accusations, allows your consultant to review your supervision of children, and maybe support you in the set up of your environment.

· When to report a minor injury-

“Any occurrence or event that causes visible or possible injury to the child, which may or may not require first aid or medical treatment and anything that may leave a mark on the child, should be recorded

· When to report a critical incident –

“Any occurrence or event that injures, harms or threatens to harm the safety, health, or well-being of children in care is an incident and must be reported. This includes serious physical and/or emotional injury that has occurred, is occurring, or if the situation continues, will probably occur to children in care”.

· When the Agency must report an incident –

· An emergency evacuation

· Unexpected closure of the day home

· An intruder in the educator’s residence

· A serious illness or injury to a child that requires the educator to request emergency health care and/or requires the child to remain in hospital overnight

· An error in the administration of medication

· The death of a child

· A lost child

· An allegation of physical, sexual, emotional abuse and/or neglect of a child by an educator or another resident of the home

· The commission by a child of an offence

· A child left unattended in the Educator’s home outside of the Educator’s operating hours.

Thank you for keeping your children safe!

If you have any further questions, please reach out to your Consultant.


Agency Coordinator

Renewal of Police and Intervention check

Agency would like to remind the educators that exemptions for first aid, police and intervention checks renewals have been waived. Government has taken back the exemptions and everything is required on time.

  • Police checks and first aid are required on the date or before they expire. It applies to all family members and tenants in the house for the police checks.
  • For intervention check you are given additional 15 days from the expiry date to submit a new one.
  • For children turning 18 years of age - you are required to submit a proof that you have applied for their police check and intervention within 48 hours of them turning 18 years of age.

It is the responsibility of the educator to get the above paperwork done and submitted on time. If the agency did not receive the paperwork on time - your home will be closed until all the renewals are received. Agency is not responsible if you applied late or are receiving it late. Please follow up with the responsible authority to make sure that you are receiving your renewals on time and submit them the agency.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your consultant.


What is documentation?

Documentation typically includes samples of children’s work, photographs of the children engaged in the project work, comments and transcripts of conversations. Examples of the children’s work and reflection on processes can be displayed in the day home. The documents highlight how the children planned, carried out, and completed their work.

Why should we document?

1. It makes learning visible

2. It enhances children’s learning

3. It encourages parent participation

4. It respects the child’s work as valuable

5. It helps teacher planning and assessment

Possible topics to document

· Individual child growth and development, such as language development progression

· Expected behaviours (at group time, in using a certain toy, while eating together)

· Curriculum ideas or events (field trip, presentations, special activities, celebrations)

· Curriculum projects, such as learning about plan life cycles

· Families and relationships (different types if family structures and characteristics of the families in the classroom community)

· Evidence of meeting learning standards (by posting work samples0

· Questions and answers of the children, educators and families about such topics as classroom routines (like how to wash your hands)

Fehmida's documentation

Fehmida ordered these beautiful books with pictures for children in care to share their journey in her day home.

Children love to see their picture with all the activities. To remember joyous memory, I have created personalized picture book for them and kept it at the book corner so, they can have fun time watching their picture and showing it to the friends. Parents loved it and they can take with them when they graduate from the day home.