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2T Edison School * December 14-23, 2015* Mrs. Tallman

2T Community

We will continue enjoying the magic of the Holiday Season by creating some Evergreen crafts and singing in the Edison School Holiday Concert on December 22!

Edison School is collecting mittens, hats, scarves and gloves for the annual Mitten Tree. Please send in new items by December 18th. The school is also having a Holiday Collection for Mrs. Kredatus, Mr. Pugh and Mr. Ed. Please send in a donation by December 18th. Mark the envelope "Holiday Collection".

Next week Edison School will enjoy the sounds of the season! Our annual Holiday Concert is Tuesday Decemeber 22nd, at 2:00 (doors open at 1:45). Come, slow down and enjoy the students as they help us get in the spirit by singing holiday songs!


This week, we will explore all kinds of weather. We will also explore the question, “How do you know what a story is mostly about?” In the informational text Super Storms, we will learn about several kinds of extreme weather. We will then read Weather Poems, including “Night Drumming for Rain”, “Leaves” and “ Morning Sun.”

Target Vocabulary: flash, equal, damage, reach, pounding, prevent, beware, bend

Phonics Skills: Consonant digraphs th, sh, wh, ch, tch, ph; base words with endings –s, -ed, -ing (with no spelling changes)

Spelling Words: chest, dish, such, thin, push, shine, white, while, these, flash, chase catch, thumb, which, then* choose

Vocabulary Strategy: Compound Words

Comprehension Skill: Main ideas and details – tell important ideas and details about a topic

Comprehension Strategy: Visualize – picture what is happening as you read

Writing Focus:

Now that students have written a response about the same book and learned the steps to writing a proper response, we will write our own individual responses to a chosen Journeys story this week. Then we will begin a unit in Poetry. During Writer’s Workshop, we will begin a unit on poetry. The students will learn the “ingredients” needed to write poems. First, find a small object, or moment or detail that holds a big feeling. Then, look with poets eyes and see ordinary things in a new way. We will learn that poems have their own music, the music of poems comes from the words we choose and how they are put on paper. Poetry is fun and exciting for young writers, they do not have to follow "the rules" when writing a poem! We will create a class poetry book by the end of this unit.


Changes Continue!

This week we will mix solids and liquids. We will observe and describe three solids: gravel, tissue and kosher salt and describe, record and compare how each solid behaves when mixed with water. We will try to separate the mixtures by using several methods. We will then compare and discuss the properties of two forms of sugar (solid & granulated) and investigate how granulated and sugar cubes dissolve in water. We will record and discuss our observations.


Subtraction Tic Tac Toe

Subtract to play a game.

Regroup to subtract.

Chapter 4 Intro

Understand that addition and subtraction can be shown with bar models.

Chapter 4 Lesson 1 Using Part-Part Whole in addition and subtraction

Use bar models to solve addition and subtraction problems.

Apply the inverse operations of addition and subtraction.

Lesson: Chapter 4 Lesson 2 Adding On and Taking Away Sets

Model addition as joining sets.

Model subtraction as taking away.

Apply the inverse operations of addition and subtraction.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Peter! We will celebrate Peter's birthday on December 18th. Happy Birthday to Kiersten too! She will be eight on December 20th and Happy Birthday to Sophia, she will be celebrating her birthday on December 30th! We wish you all happy birthday wishes!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

I wish you and your families a safe and happy holiday! I am looking forward to seeing 2T back together in 2016!

Mark Your Calendars:

December 18th- Report Cards go home

December 22nd- Holiday Concert 2:00

December 23rd- Half Day and Holiday Party

December 24-January 4th Winter Break


Send a Note to Let Me Know:

Please send in a note or email to notify me if your child is leaving school early or coming to school late. I can order lunch for students arriving late to class and I will be better able to prepare homework and have students packed and ready to leave early without interrupting the class. Thanks!

• Please have your child put their name and number on all assignments.

*Please label all of your child's belongings!

*It is still warm in our classroom, please help your child to dress appropriately and to bring a water bottle each day!