Avid flyer

Nii Bruce 1/11/15 period 4

Cornell Notes Taking

Cornell notes have helped me organize what I have learned throughout the day. They can be I to much at certain times ,but when we have a test its easier to study the day before.the questions make it faster to locate main ideas.
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Tutorials have helped me interact with other students for help. To write out all my problems on a board really does the trick to understand the subject. Other students who sometimes have the same question can jump in answer the question.
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Organization has been one of the most key points of in my time in AVID. My binder has been the most amazing its ever been. my binder is ready for college.
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community sevice

Community service has helped me understand how much people are in need. Knowing that I helped those who are in need is the most satisfying feeling. I hope that I can continue in the future.
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public speaking

Public speaking was one of my problems when I was young. When we started working on it in class I was scared. Now that we have finished the topic I feel better about public speaking.
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