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But why is humidity of concern to me?

"My raw material forms clumps easily"

"My expensive equipment is getting corroded"

"My guests aren't feeling comfortable in the hotel rooms"

"My final product's quality deteriorates upon storage"

"The air is too dry for production"

"I'm experiencing breathing problems in the monsoons and/or winters"

If any of the above thoughts has ever crossed your mind, you are facing a humidity control problem.

In simple terms, 'humidity' is the amount of moisture in air. The humidity in an environment is of prime importance for most industrial applications in production, maintenance and quality control such as:

  • Food and beverages
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Hospitals (OT)
  • Hotels
  • Basements
  • and numerous others

Humidity control is essential for personal comfort. For example, higher humidity is required during dry weathers for enhanced skin and respiration, similarly lower humidity is required for clothes drying in the monsoon.

For more technical details on humidity, please visit: http://sujaydehumidifier.com/relative_humidity.html

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