Peek of the Week


January 19 - NO SCHOOL

February 7 - Early Dismissal

February 12-13 - Smencil Sales

February 16 - No School

February 17 - PTO Meeting

February 26 - Math/Science Night


We will be continuing our unit on numbers! We are working on place value, decomposing and composing by 10 (subtracting/adding), ways to represent numbers, comparing numbers, and more! We made place value houses this week and started Jack and the Beanstalk math that includes many ways to represent numbers.


We have continued digging into "My World" unit by investigating the properties of our rocks and soil the last couple of weeks. We compared the different types of soil and tried to see which type our soil from home was. We also discovered some living creatures in our soil from home which was very exciting! Next week, we will continue getting the scoop on dirt by watching a brainpop video, making a dirt drawing and looking at soil layers!


In Social studies, we built our "Noun Town" after watching a video and discussing what a noun is! Making a town is very messy work as you may notice. Next week, we will share with our classmates all about our town!

In Social Studies, your child will learn all about Martin Luther King Jr! We will discuss not only some of MLK's history, but we will learn why it is important to be kind to everyone. We will end our week by reading "The Crayon Box That Talked" and discuss why friendship has no color.'s%20Big%20Words;%20The%20Life%20of%20Dr.%20Martin%20Luther%20King,%20Jr.