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The Official March Newsletter of the FIAAA

BREAKING NEWS: State Conference will be IN PERSON! See registration link below

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Important Registration Info

Conference registration is only open to Sections 1 & 3 at this time.

Registration will open to the rest of the state on March 20th.

Conference Registration Instructions

1. Click on the "MEMBER" icon

2. Enter your email address for your username and the password for your FIAAA AMP Member account

3. Locate the "My Events" section on your account page

4. To the right of the "My Events" row, click on the "Register for Events" button

5. Find the FIAAA event(s) you want to register for and click on the "Register" button next to the event

6. You will be taken to the cost and fees page, Click the "Yes Register" button

7. Complete the registration form of the event you are registering for and when the form is complete, type your name in the signature field and submit the form You will be taken to the checkout page where you can download a “Generated Invoice” if needed for your Treasurer's Office and/or to mail in with a check payment.

You can also choose to pay online by credit card.

The deadline to register without incurring a late fee is April 16, 2021

Hotel reservations at the Orlando Airport Marriott Lakeside can be reserved here. The conference rate is $148.00 plus tax per night.

Note, due to social distancing requirements, there may not be a Hospitality Suite at this year’s conference.

While social distancing will be adhered to, face coverings must be worn at all times, except while eating or drinking, and must cover both the nose and mouth.

We look forward to the 2021 FIAAA Annual State Conference.

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A Message from The Executive Director

As I reflect on what has transpired over the past year and think on how we’ve progressed with navigating the pandemic, I’m encouraged to see where we are hopefully headed, back to some since of normalcy. I know each of you have faced numerous challenges this year in trying to provide our athletes and coaches an opportunity to compete while working through all the new guidelines implemented to keep everyone safe and the numerous scheduling issues.

As I stated in the Fall newsletter, I was optimistic good things were around the corner and I still feel this way. With that said, I’m happy to share that we plan on having this year’s FIAAA State Conference in person. I know this will give everyone, as Athletic Administrators, an opportunity to catch up with our colleagues and peers, engage in professional development opportunities and hopefully find time to unwind a little from our day to day adjustments we’ve made over the past year. Your FIAAA Board of Directors have worked extremely hard on hammering out the details and logistics in order to proceed with a face to face conference this year. It is understood there may be some budget or travel restrictions in some areas but we feel confident our membership will attend the conference knowing the value it has on our profession. In addition to a great conference agenda, numerous Leadership Training courses, workshops and speakers, the FHSAA Compliance Seminar will again be tied into the conference. Athletic Administrators in Section 1 and 3 are required to complete the compliance seminar this year and the FIAAA conference is one of the ways to complete this requirement.

As we head into March I hope your winter sport season has been successful and the start of your spring season has gone off without a hitch. I wish everyone the best of luck in finishing out the year, stay safe and I look forward to seeing everyone in a couple of months.

Andy Chiles, CMAA

FIAAA Executive Director

A Message From The President

I will start off this letter as I did my previous one – namely, I want you to know how honored and humbled I am to have the opportunity to serve as the 2020-21 President of the Florida Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association. My involvement with the FIAAA goes back to 2008, when I attended my first FIAAA workshop and was challenged and inspired to "Get Involved." Along the way, the leadership and the membership of this great organization have been there for me, and I want everyone to know how grateful I am to hopefully be able to give back just a little of what you have all given to me!

As we head into 2021, it is great to see that across the nation, the theme of "Let's Play!" has been embraced by so many states. I think Florida was on the leading edge of the movement and not just “ Let’s Play”, but “Let’s Play Safely!” As a member of the FIAAA you should take great pride in being part of one the nation’s leading organizations for educational athletics! Each one of us uses the athletic "classroom" to teach life changing lessons such as dedication, sacrifice, commitment, and teamwork, and we do these things through practice and competition within the framework of interscholastic sport!

As we move forward into 2021, we also want you to know that the FIAAA is here to help! The FIAAA can provide Mentoring for both young and veteran AD's, and we can also provide Professional Development for you and your coaches to meet the daily challenges we all face as school based athletic directors. If you have questions or just need to bounce an idea off another AD, don't hesitate to reach out! My email is but any of our board members and district directors would also be happy to speak with you!

I also want to see everyone at our 2021 FIAAA State Conference at the Orlando Lakeside Marriott scheduled for April 30 - May 3! Our President Elect, Rocky Gillis, has a GREAT agenda for you including professional workshops, LTI Courses, lots of networking opportunities, and much more! I promise you this will be one of your highlights of your year!

Again, I am deeply humbled to be your FIAAA President this year! Please let me know how I can help you have a great finish to the 2020-21 School Year!


Jake von Scherrer, CMAA

2020-21 FIAAA President

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Message from the President Elect

As we all continue learning as we journey through these unprecedented times, the time is almost here that we get to share these experiences and provide tools of the trade to enhance the great educational-based athletic experiences that we bring to our student-athletes, coaches and communities.

We have now nearly completed two-thirds of our athletic year and have kicked off our spring sports season. The FIAAA is still in preparation to deliver the 2021 conference on April 30 through May 3, 2021. This year’s theme is “Making a Difference – One Student, One Coach – One day at a Time”. We believe that this past year has provided just the opportunity to do what this year’s conference title calls us to do.

This year’s conference will offer twelve (12) Leadership Training Institute (LTI) courses to assist each of you in achieving your professional development goals. The workshops, speakers and courses will provide you with the development opportunities and the necessary tools to enhance your ability to manage high school athletic programs on a daily basis. The networking opportunities that are available every time you attend a session, visiting vendor exhibits, meeting another athletic director or coach from across the state and attending social events can all be benefits derived from attending the conference.

Remember that this year’s conference meets the requirement for the FHSAA Compliance Seminar for Sections 1 and 3. Presentations from the FHSAA Executive Director, George Tomyn, and his staff will cover areas of importance and emphasis for the FHSAA for the coming year.

This year’s conference will focus on assisting you to become a better athletic administrator and help you understand that when you have the experience for the ‘first time’, that you aren’t the first and someone else has already had that experience. The FIAAA Conference gives you the opportunity to meet these people and grow by sharing thoughts and lessons learned through discussions.

I want to thank you all in advance for your support and understanding, as I am proud to serve as your President-Elect. The FIAAA is looking forward to providing this year’s conference so that the leaders and mentors can continue to make a difference. Please make plans to attend the conference in Orlando April 30-May 3, 2021. The preliminary conference agenda and registration information should be available soon online at the FIAAA website (

FIAAA News and Notes

*CONGRATS TO OUTGOING NIAAA PRESIDENT LANNESS ROBINSON , (county AD for Hillsborough) who guided the NIAAA through the tumultuous year of 2020, the year of covid, which culminated in a national conference held virtually in December. Despite the unprecedented virtual nature of the conference, attendance was strong and feedback was positive.

*CONGRATS TO LAUREN OTERO (Tampa Plant AD) who was selected as NIAAA Secretary-elect. She will “shadow” the current NIAAA Secretary for the current school year and then ascend to the position for the following year.

FIAAA members continue to contribute on the national level with membership and leadership positions on NIAAA committees….including jake Von Scherer, Scott Drabs, Jay rader, Danny Ninestine…and numerous teaching faculty of NIAAA LTC courses.

*NOTE…Robinson is the 3rd NIAAA President from Florida, following Wayne Taylor, and current FIAAA Executive Director Andy Chiles

*CONGRATS TO RUSSELL WAMBLES, long time Orange County AD, for receiving national recognition award at the virtual national conference.




· We are proud that student awards will continue///aka…Sportsmanship. Mandy Stoll Academic, NIAAA Academic…will continue…there is definitely recognition (via plaques) to be had…and in some cases, monetary awards. Examples of award winning submissions can be found elsewhere in this newsletter.\

· It cannot be overstated that FHSAA compliance seminar credit can be satisfied by attendance at this conference. While the FIAAA “position” is that all AD;s, regardless of section, would greatly benefit from attendance at the conference, those sections “on the clock” for compliance would have greater incentive to attend.

2019-2020 FIAAA Award Winners- Congratulations!

Dr. Clarence Noe Athletic Administrator of the Year -Tammie K. Talley, CAA- Duval County Athletic Director

NIAAA State Award of Merit -Ronald Allan- Lecanto HS Activities Coordinator

Wayne Taylor Distinguished Service Award- Mark Feely -Leon HS Athletic Director/Dean of Students

Sectional AD of the Year Award (Section 1-) Bobby Johns- Wewahitchka High School

Sectional AD of the Year Award (Section 2)- Jen Darty- Oviedo HS Athletic Director

Sectional AD of the Year Award (Section 3) -Mark Butler-Cambridge Christian School Athletic Director

Sectional AD of the Year Award (Section 4) -Dr. Lisa Starks -Booker T Washington HS Athletic Director

Dorothy W. Brunson Special Service Award- Wilbur Johnson Retired--GMAC Wrestling Officials Assoc.

Dorothy W. Brunson Special Service Award- Rick Hatcher -Treasure Coast Sports Commission Exec. Director

Dorothy W. Brunson Special Service Award -Kathy Diaz- Palmetto Ridge High School Administrative Assist. To Activities Coordinator

Dorothy W. Brunson Special Service Award -Lee & Mabel Carroll Martin County High School

Dorothy W. Brunson Special Service Award- Eddie Looper Hernando High School

FIAAA Lifetime Membership -RJ Castello Retired

FIAAA Lifetime Membership- Lori Nelson Retired

FIAAA Lifetime Membership -Paul McLaughlin Retired

FIAAA Lifetime Membership- Carlos Barquin- Belen Jesuit Preparatory School Athletic Director

March- Athletic Director's Checklist



 Check on NFHS and Coaches Education Certification


 Pay bills

Pre Season

 Spring sports eligibility lists on file

 Parent night preparation – Schedules and other handouts

 Spring sports team pictures

 Spring sports program – pictures, articles, rosters, schedules

 Update website

 Schedule, send out agenda for any Athletic Department meeting

 Individual practice rules met prior to first contest

 Check Tournament Dates and confirm room reservations for state tourney

 Confirm all spring schedules with school calendar and review for conflicts: ie-junior/senior prom

 Winter sports inventory, storage of equipment. Equipment order for Winter sports

 Make arrangements for FIAAA conference


 Summer Camp Schedule publicized. (May/June)





 Coaches’ salaries/budget to proposals for next year to administrative team


 Start scheduling physical day date with team physician.

 Handle rainout and weekly schedule

 Order flowers or gift for National Secretaries Day (April 22nd)

 Prepare for Spring Football (Equipment, spring game date confirmed, ect)

 Update coaches personnel file

Post Season

 Submit FHSAA Academic Team Championship forms.


 Schedule gym floor recoating date for summer.

 Schedule gym bleacher and hoops maintenance for summer.

 Review/set date maintenance work on scoreboards over the summer


By: Jay Rader, CAA -Content editor

WOW !!! WHAT A YEAR !!!...probably the understatement declaration of the 21st century. As you read this in March, does it seem like you will make it athletically through to the end of the school year?

Two thoughts quickly leap to mind: (1) the old saying …how you don’t know how much something means to you, until it is taken away and (2) are you a glass “half full or half empty” type of person.

If you have had anything close to “normal” in terms of athletic contests held, you have to consider yourself, at least in part, lucky, although the efforts to do that have been far from normal…and not all luck. ( more on that later).

For parts of the state (especially south Florida), schools were lucky to play a half of a regular fall varsity season, JV’s drastically cut or even eliminated, and state series competition (in fall sports) not even a possibility.

However, no matter how many contests you were able to hold (and will be able to hold through the spring), it has been more than “luck”; it has also been because athletic administrators, coaches, players…et al….have put safety protocols in place, had self discipline all the time (in class, playing sports, at home, etc) and stayed covid-free to play.


Every individual athletic event completed is a success story…and perhaps that has happened 4 or 5 times a week….sometimes multiple times on the same night. In the moment, you probably didn’t stop to appreciate it, but “big picture”….great job. This is the “glass half full” approach !!!

In a more “normal” year, the school principal, administrative staff, county/district staff might acknowledge your efforts, but in this “new normal”, they may be so focused on getting through day-to-day…with much more responsibility and accountability than you….(and AD’s are “kinda’ used to often being overworked, underpaid, and under-appreciated) so “the bosses”/ they may not say anything.

And so…I encourage you AD’s to find a way to reach out to each and every coach and student-athlete and celebrate/thank/show appreciation for each one helping to having athletic teams and contests this school year. “Glass half full”

For many this year, just having a team and games to play was “the biggest win”…and perhaps, down the road …when the pandemic has subsided, we might pause and take a few moments to re-focus on the main purpose of interscholastic athletics. Winning is not the only objective…and really, not even the most important goal. I get it, if they keep score, you want to win; there is a winner and a loser…..


2021 FIAAA Hall of Fame

William Massey:

A Ft. Lauderdale native and graduate of Florida Atlantic University, William “Bill” Massey served the student-athletes and coaches of Palm Beach County for over 30 years leading two outstanding athletic programs at Spanish River and Boca Raton High Schools. A well-known promoter of all sports, Massey wouldn’t just place focus on those that were known to be in a higher public spotlight, but rather actively place value on all programs equally. Perhaps one of his greatest accomplishments as an athletic administrator was his important role in helping establish the sports of boy’s volleyball and girls flag football as recognized FHSAA sports in the state of Florida. He would also play important roles in the beginnings of lacrosse and water polo within the state. His work on the state level extended into terms on both the FHSAA Representative Assembly and AD Advisory committees. Massey would see his programs win a combined 26 state championships as well as be named as the prestigious South Florida Sun-Sentinel Palm Beach County Program of the Year on 15 occasions throughout his tenure as the athletic administrator at Spanish River and Boca Raton High Schools. In 2003, he was admitted into the Palm Beach County Sports Hall of Fame and in 2011 would be inducted into the prestigious Florida High School Athletic Association Hall of Fame.

Massey would be a champion for both coaches and athletic director education in the state of Florida throughout his career. He would be one of the first to obtain a Certified Master Athletic Administrator certification in the state, and was well known for his presence as a speaker and presenter at both the FIAAA and NIAAA conferences. Having served as a state faculty member for the FIAAA Leadership Training Institute, Massey would take on a larger leadership role in the organization as a part of the board of directors highlighted by his term as the 31st President of the FIAAA in 2007-2008. During his time in leadership of the organization, he would serve as a chairman for several different committees including chairing the Operations Committee as part of the first FIAAA Strategic Plan. He would be awarded with the NIAAA State Award of Merit in 2005.

Massey would continue his work in professional development into coach’s education programs, where he was an ASEP (Human Kinetics) Certified Coaches Education Instructor and would be instrumental in leading the implementation of a full coaching education program as a school district requirement in Palm Beach County, the first of its kind in the state of Florida. “The fabric of sports in Palm Beach County and the State of Florida has been immeasurably improved by Bill Massey’s involvement” said Rick Rothman, former Head Cross Country Coach at Spanish River High School. “Bill almost always demonstrated textbook diplomacy, awareness, and apathy. The only time he didn’t do so was when his vision exceeded any textbook. Great virtue flowed from his heart and inspired all whom he led. The best hire of my career was to have Bill become Boca High’s AD,” said former Spanish River and Boca Raton Principal Dr. Geoff McKee.

Michael Stutzke:

A native to the treasure coast, Michael Stutzke would serve an outstanding 22 year career in athletic administration not only leading the Sebastian River High School athletic department to new heights, but helping promote the growth and success of all interscholastic athletics across the state of Florida. A 1976 graduate of Villanova University, he would go on to serve in the United State Marine Corps before entering the business world and later returning to Florida to operate a family citrus business in Vero Beach. In 1990 he would enter the field of education with his sights set on making a difference in young people’s lives in the classroom and through coaching. Beginning his career at Vero Beach Junior High School, he would spend his afternoons serving as the Assistant Cross Country and Track & Field Coach at his alma mater, Vero Beach High School. In the spring of 1994, he was hired as an IB teacher, head Boys & Girls Cross Country Coach, and Athletic Director at Sebastian River High School where he would spend the next 22 years of his career. No stranger to servant leadership, as under Stutzke’s direction of the athletic programs Sebastian River would serve as the host for the swimming and softball FHSAA State Championships on numerous occasions. He would establish the first Girls Lacrosse (1996) and Boys and Girls Rowing (2005) programs on the Treasure Coast, as well as starting Florida’s first varsity level Girls Rugby program (2008). Stutzke’s strong reputation for being a trendsetter would again take hold with his implementation of becoming the state’s first athletic department to go one hundred percent digital, transitioning all department paperwork to digital formatting and recordkeeping. His work in interscholastic athletics extended to outside his high school program, as he was a founding member of the Treasure Coast Sports Commission, and currently serves as the organizations Chairman.

In 1998, Michael earned his Certified Athletic Administrator designation, and would later advance to becoming a Certified Master Athletic Administrator in 2002. Stutzke’s work on the state level would have a huge positive impact to the long term growth and success of the FIAAA, as he created and implemented the association’s first corporate sponsorship program in 2003. Three years later he would serve as the 30th President of the FIAAA in 2006-2007. Stuzke would later help create the first FIAAA newsletter, with the inaugural issue being published in 2009. Two years later he would be recognized by his peers as being named with the Dr. Clarence Noe Athletic Director of the Year Award in 2011. Stutzke was an active presenter at FACA, FIAAA, and NIAAA Conferences as well as served on the state faculty for Leadership Training Classes.

“He always upheld and exemplified the moral character, ethical behavior, and work ethic that every coach and student athlete needed in their endeavors to be responsible citizens of their school, community, and country” said Todd Racine, former Principal of Sebastian River High School. “The FIAAA Hall of Fame is for those persons who have made a distinct and legendary impact on our organization, Michael fits perfectly into that definition” said FIAAA Past-President Danny Ninestine, “I can think of no other colleague of mine over the past three decades that deserves a spot in the FIAAA Hall of Fame more than Michael.”

Tommy St Amant:

Hailing from the Florida panhandle in Blountstown, Tommy St Amant would graduate from Florida State University in 1970, setting the stage for a 30 year career in coaching and athletic administration where he would get his start as a basketball coach at Choctawhatchee and Fort Walton Beach High Schools. He would be twice named the Okaloosa Playground Daily News Coach of the Year (1978 & 1980) while coaching the Viking Basketball program. St Amant would be named the Bay District Schools County Athletic Director in 1986, a position he would hold for 23 years until his retirement in 2009. During his tenure over athletics in Bay County, he developed an extensive county extracurricular handbook, and created the framework for all middle school sports in the county to include new policies and governing structure. St Amant would oversee the building of a state of the art county football stadium, including new scoreboards and play clocks, turf field, and multi-use press box. He implemented Rhythmic Gymnastics into the sports offerings in Bay County helping promote more female sport participation, and would later be awarded recognition from the Title IX Department for his work in creating the new sport in the area. In 1997 St Amant would be named the Bay District Administrator of the Year, the first to be bestowed with the honor.

Tommy St Amant joined the FIAAA as a board of directors in 1987 representing Districts 1 & 2 in the Florida panhandle. He would serve the association for 26 years, having never missed a state conference dating back to 1987. St Amant would serve as the Chairman of the Higher Education Committee for over 20 years, helping provide leadership in the development of the criteria and selection process for the Mandy Stoll Scholar Athlete Awards given out annually at the FIAAA State Conference. He would be recognized by his peers with the FIAAA Clarence Noe Athletic Director of the Year Award in 1999. His leadership continues to be on full display to this day as he continues to oversee the conferences annual Mandy Stoll Silent Auction, having done so each year since the events inception in 1993. St Amant has helped raise over $100,000 for student scholarships during his time serving as the organizer of the silent auction. He has been named an FIAAA Lifetime Member in 2011, as well as having been awarded the NIAAA State Award of Merit in 2001 and 2012.

“His relentless commitment, dedication, knowledge, hard work, organization, and love for athletics in our county did not go unnoticed” said Julie Hale, “I cannot imagine anyone more deserving of the honor of being selected for the FIAAA Hall of Fame.”

Beginning AD? We've got your back! FIAAA Mentoring Program:

In these days of uncertainty, it can be overwhelming for newer athletic administrators to keep up with the changing athletic landscape. The FIAAA, partnered with the FHSAA, has developed a mentoring and networking program to help athletic administrators navigate their daily routines throughout their school year. The program is in its 10th year and has assisted over a thousand athletic administrators throughout the years. Since the compliance seminars this summer, many have reached out not only for assistance but also willing to assist. If you would like to take advantage of this program or have any questions, please contact Dan Comeau CMAA at

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All normal school activities abruptly ended in mid March 2020…and it was especially devastating to the seniors who missed out on many traditional graduation activities. For senior spring sports athletes there was an additional activity ….their senior sports season…taken away also.

Small consolation as it might be, the FIAAA, with the cooperation with individual school AD’s, were able to continue the long standing tradition of awarding Mandy Stoll Scholarships to ten deserving senior athletes as well as to award state of Florida NIAAA Scholar Athlete winners to one male and one female senior student athlete.

The winners of the 2020 Mandy Stoll winners have been on the FIAAA website ( for awhile, but we repeat their names here as an additional congratulations to them and their schools and to perhaps motivate current seniors at their schools…or anywhere else across the state… to submit an application (details/application/deadlines,etc can be found on the FIAAA website).








REBEKAH BUSTAMANTE, Cambridge Christian

MICHAEL BINKOWSKI, Community School of Naples


MIKAL WILLEKE, Cambridge Christian.

Each winner receives $500 and a plaque.


GILLIAN BEUTEL…St Lucie West Centennial HS

AARON BEIRD, Orlando Bishop Moore HS.

Each winner receives a plaque as Florida winners; Beird was also named a sectional winner (a $1500 award and a plaque). and advanced to consideration for the national award (which he did not win)…aka…but he was in the final 8.

This award requires a separate application form (found on the website), which includes many of the same academic information that Mandy Stoll requires, but this award requires a bit of writing: (1) a one page essay on what high school sports has meant to me and (2) a shorter “sportsmanship” experience.

Below are both Fla winners’ essays

Aaron Beird- Essay

Big picture

“How High School Athletics Has Impacted My Life” By: Gillian Beutel

Being active was not a big part of my life. I was very overweight for most of my time in middle school and the beginning of high school. I guess I never really thought about how cruel people could be until my freshman year when I would get made fun of for my size, my frizzy hair, my outfits. Changing the way I feel was not really on my radar until I went to that new school, with new people who did not know me from elementary like the kids from my middle school did. I was happy in 6th to 8th grade; I didn’t feel the need to alter how I appeared. But after being pointed at and laughed at by people who did not even know me, it just made me retreat. I would isolate myself with more and more food; loneliness and silence were my best friends.

Joining a sport like bowling in my sophomore year was a long shot. I just wanted to be involved in something, anything, to get me out of my shell and out of my room. I met wonderful people and I had an amazing coach; they never put me down about not knowing how to bowl or my appearance. They were my team, my second family that tried to help me improve and feel confident. Being a part of bowling in that year and the next was great and fun, but I still was not as happy as I used to be when I was younger. I did not like the way I looked; I was very self-conscious; I was unhealthy and not where I wanted to be at all.

Bowling did not challenge me physically, so I wanted to join a sport that did and that is why I participated in flag football in the spring of my junior year. I was still new to athletics and was not in shape, so I joined in on a month of conditioning before the season started. I pushed and pushed myself. I started to see changes in how easily I could do a certain workout or an increase in my endurance; then I started to see physical changes. Once I saw that I was losing weight, my whole attitude just changed for the better. I would have so much more motivation and drive to be active even outside of the sport. I ended up loving it so much that I played it in my last two years.

High school athletics have changed me so much. I went from getting a D in P.E. class to running a mile like it’s nobody’s business. I went from 185 pounds when I was 14 to 145 now at age 17. I am so much more confident, outgoing and extroverted than ever before. I learned to love myself and not dwell on other people’s criticisms of me. Sports just struck a flame in me to never give up and to never give in; they taught me strength in so many different ways. Without joining my high school athletic programs, I do not even want to imagine where I would be. That reality would probably look 40 pounds heavier instead of 40 pounds lighter; it would be lonely instead of lively and melancholy versus the millions of smiles that I can’t help having when playing the game.


Despite the closing of schools abruptly in March of 2020, the FIAAA was still able to honor 10 athletes for their sportsmanship during the 2019-20 school year.

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE 2020 FIAAA CHRIS HIXON EXEMPLARY SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD WINNERS….(with a few “representative” comments about some of them to illustrate what the award seeks to honor)



MARCEL FINDLEY, Atlantic Coast

TY JACKSON, Mandarin



JULIA LABS, Community School of Naples


JAI WILLIAMS, St. Lucie West Centennial

LANCE JOHNSON, St. Lucie West Centennial

*BUTLER, a 7th grader, served as PA announcer for middle, JV, varsity games “has been a tremendous supporter and encourager of sportsmanship through his enthusiastic announcements…is seen as a professional announcer who helps set the tone for great competition and great sportsmanship.”

GUILLAMONT, high performing athlete who suffered season ending injury which transformed from starter and team captain to “assistant coach and leader of all player relations.”…never missed a game and only a few practices while rehabbing…standing at the end of handshake line to offer praise to opposing players and coaches before giving a post game speech to his own team…”embodies sportsmanship in every sense of the and enthusiasm for the game and players”

PORTER, clearly a starter, suffered an injury during the summer before her senior year and spent almost all of her senior year on the bench during rehab…”yet impressed all around her with her loud motivation, caring attitude, and bravery while watching her senior year pass on by…displaying great sportsmanship to her teammates and opponents, always smiling, shaking hands, and saying “job well done” in victory or defeat…will make a great coach one day who will instill the proper traits all student athletes should embody.”

POWELL, 2 year captain of weightlifting team and holder of 4 school records…”constant source of leadership, inspiration, and motivation for the whole team…his knowledge and influence made him essentially another coach…he will be sorely missed on the team, but his future will be much brighter than his past accomplishments.”

WILSON, 4 year varsity soccer player, 2 years as captain…”inspires and encourages younger players…has helped both the JV and varsity teams to succeed both on and off the field…dedicated a lot of time to make sure all the girls were happy and made a great team bonding atmosphere. With a 5.1 HPA, very active in volunteer activities, including middle schools, soccer camp coach for younger club teams, and has remodeled teachers; lounges at several high and middle schools. “She has made an impact in our community and our school…and will make a difference in the world in the future.



Utilizing Student Trainers- FIAAA Mentoring

At University High School, we have an Athletic Training Student Aid Program (ATSAP) founded by Perry “Doc” Revlett. This program aims to teach and prepare students for allied health care professions, as well as give them real-world skills such as first aid and wound care. Athletic Training Student Aids in the past have been responsible for hydration of athletes, taping, wound care, emergency assistance, and maintenance of the athletic training room. They also assist in weather monitoring (lightning and heat) during practices and games.

There are many opportunities for leadership and independent functioning with our program. As student aids progress through the program, they learn the everyday functions and needs of the athletic training facility and can pass their knowledge to the new recruits. We allow some students even more responsibility, including assisting in scheduling student aids to work.

What I believe sets our program apart is having Doc Revlett working as our head athletic trainer. Doc is very experienced in the world of athletic training and has worked in multiple settings. He has seen the progress from what athletic training began as, to what it is today. This extensive knowledge provides learning opportunities for the student aids (and me) as they delve deeper into this health care profession.

With the COVID-19 protocols this year, our Athletic Training Student Aids are very hands off for both their safety and the safety of the athletes. They are allowed in much fewer numbers and mainly perform sanitary water bottle filling. They are also required to assist in the cleaning of the athletic training facility between athletes and after the day is done. While this is not an ideal situation to assist them in learning about athletic training, they are getting first-hand experience with adapting to new situations.

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NIAAA Certification Update! Get Certified Today!

Hello Florida Athletic Directors!

I hope your new year – 2021 - is off to an exciting and safe start for you and your school! It’s true that 2020 was an unexpected and incredibly challenging year for us all, but no longer are we in uncharted territory! Looking around the state, it is clear that you have not just survived, but many of you have THRIVED! As we push on through the end of the school year, I want you to know that you have my total respect and admiration, and I also want to remind you that whenever you need us - the FIAAA and our national organization – the NIAAA – are here to help!

Looking back, we also saw 2020 as a record-breaking year for the number of athletic directors earning their CAA and CMAA designations, along with AD’s simply choosing to join the NIAAA! As a school based AD , you are automatically a member of FIAAA, but you need to actually join our national organization which is really an important step in your continued growth and professional development as an Educational Athletic Administrator.

I encourage you to go to and click on the professional development tab – then click on certification and then scroll down to see the various levels of certification available. You can also see the tremendous collection of LTC’s (Leadership Training Courses) that you can take through our FIAAA Conference, through an NIAAA webinar, or through several online university providers. Each course is a tremendous learning experience on its own merit, and collectively, they lead to certification through the NIAAA.

You can also email or phone me if you have questions about certification as well as our Florida LTC Coordinator, Dan Talbot of the Polk Co. School District. We are both here to help you have a great year and a great career as an athletic administrator in Florida!

Jake von Scherrer, CMAA – Maclay School in Tallahassee –

Dan Talbot, CMAA – Polk County Schools in Bartow, FL -

Get Certified and Go FIAAA!

Jake von Scherrer, CMAA

FIAAA President 2020-21

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The Educational AD Podcast!

This is a great resource for Athletic Directors of all experience levels! Host Jake Von Scherrer does a great job of mining the greatest leadership "nuggets" from AD's all over. Have a listen below!

FACA Calendar of Events


Updated 12/29/20

Jan 7-9 FACA Spring Sports Clinic - Athletic Directors, Flag Football, Track, Weightlifting, Swimming

Football, Cross Country - Hilton Oceanwalk Resort - Daytona Beach

Jan 8 FACA Board of Directors Meeting - Hilton Oceanwalk Resort - Daytona Beach - 1:00 pm

Jan 9 FACA Hall Of Fame Induction & Luncheon - Hilton Oceanwalk Resort - Daytona Beach

Feb 8 Girls Basketball All Star Meetings - Nominations for All Stars, Player & Coach-of-the-Year

Feb 15 Girls Soccer All Star Meetings - Nominations for All Stars, Player & Coach-of-the-Year

Feb 15 Boys Soccer All Star Meetings - Nominations for All Stars, Player & Coach-of-the-Year

Feb 15 Boys Basketball All Star Meetings - Nominations for All Stars, Player & Coach-of-the-Year

Mar 12-13 Girls Soccer All Star Classic - Bryant Stadium, Lakeland

Mar 13-14Boys Soccer All Star Classic - Bryant Stadium, Lakeland

Mar 8-12 Cheer/Girls Weight/Wrestling Nominations - Nominations for All State/All Academic

Mar 19-20 Girls & Boys Basketball All Star Classic - Lakeland

April 12-16 Flag Football All Star Nominations

April 12 Baseball All Star Meetings

April 19 Softball All Star Meetings

May 10-14 Lacrosse/Track/Boys VB/Water Polo/Boys WL/Tennis

May 14-15 Flag Football All Star Classic - TBA

May 30-June 1 Baseball All Star Classic - Tigertown, Lakeland

June 4-5 Softball All Star Classic - Florida Southern College

June 23 FACA Board of Directors Meeting - The Shores Resort, Daytona Beach - 12:00 pm

June 24-26 FACA Summer Clinic - Soccer, Cross Country, Football, Golf, Volleyball - The Shores, Daytona Bch

FIAAA Code of Ethics

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NIAAA Code of Ethics

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