Colgate Toothpaste #EveryDropCounts

Super Bowl 50 Advertisement Analyzation

Name of the Product:

The product that is being advertised in this commercial is Colgate toothpaste which is depicted in the picture below.
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Regardless of gender and race, this commercial is targeting a variety of ages of both children and adults who are fortunate enough to have water at their dispense. The advertisement is mainly trying to target people in the middle and upper class to help conserve water for those who need it most. In fact, the commercial is promoting for the cooperation of people from different places around the world in order to accomplish one prior goal: the preservation of water.


The advertisements's psychographic target audience is resigned. The people in this group that the commercial is trying to persuade are chauvinist in their values, for they are the ones who will show their support for the particular cause of the conservation of water. Additionally, the brand of Colgate is safe and familiar as well as economical, as displayed in this commercial, for it is encouraging others to not waste water and to use no more of the resource than what is necessary. Therefore, the resigned group will be persuaded to purchase the product of Colgate not only because the brand is popular and successful but also because it's the brand that is trying to help make a global difference.

Propaganda Techniques:

The propaganda techniques of plain folks, transfer, and the either/or fallacy were used throughout the commercial. The advertisement includes average people, who are doing ordinary things like brushing their teeth, cleaning their mouth, and washing a fruit, in order to allow the audience to relate to the commercial. Additionally, transfer is also used because the main color in this advertisement is white which represents pureness. The commercial is implying that water is pure, and it should be conserved for others, who may be less fortunate, to use. Finally, the advertisement also uses the either/or fallacy because it's saying to either buy Colgate, a brand that promotes for the conservation of water, or buy other toothpaste brands that are not attempting to help make a beneficial impact in the world.

Analysis of Appeal:

The primary appeal in the advertisement is ethos because it persuades the audience to conserve water by using their moral values. The commercials explains that “brushing with faucet running wastes up to 4 gallons of water” which is “more water than many people around the world have in a week.” Because of our values, this last statement automatically influences a majority of us to turn off the faucet while we are brushing our teeth. Therefore, millions of gallons of water would be conserved which, as a result, could then be used for a better purpose by the less fortunate.


This Colgate commercial is effective because it successfully uses the propaganda techniques to persuade the target audience to conserve water with the Colgate toothpaste. In fact, the advertisement uses a variety of propaganda techniques. The primary technique is plain folks since it includes average people doing ordinary things like brushing their teeth in the morning and washing a fruit with the use of water. Additionally, the technique of transfer is also included because the commercial primarily uses the color of white to symbolize the pureness of water which emphasizes on the importance of how water should be conserved for others, who may be less fortunate, to use. Finally, the either/or fallacy is also included since the advertisement only presents the audience with two black and white options of either buying Colgate toothpaste, the brand that cares, or other brands that are not as considerate about the preservation of water. These three propaganda techniques incorporated in the commercial applies to our ethical appeal. The advertisement provides statements that affect us due to our moral values such as “brushing with faucet running wastes up to 4 gallons of water” which is “more water than many people around the world have in a week.” Therefore, the audience will most likely be persuaded, due to their moral values, to be more cautious when turning on the faucet. Overall, the Colgate advertisement is efficacious because it refers to the target audience, which is the resigned group, by using appropriate propaganda techniques that clearly states the purpose of this short commercial.

Citation of the Image:

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