Primary and Secondary Sources

By Adam and Ryan

What Is A Primary Source?

Well, a primary source is a original artifact, documents, diaries, journals, autobiographies and ect.. Keep in mind that a primary sources has to had been written in that time period or have been written by some one who was there.

What Is A Secondary Source?

Are documents written after an event has occurred, producing secondary accounts of that even or person. There are many secondary sources out there but all of them aren't reliable. A non- example is something from wiki answers. Some good examples would be from universities, encyclopedia, cnn and other reliable journalist companies.

Main Difference

The main difference is a primary source is something that was written (by someone from that time period) or from that time. A secondary source is something written or made from a different time period

Kansas Nebraska Act

Primary Source:

This would be a primary source because this was the actual document signed in the Nebraska Act ( that is the most important part has to happen in that time period or written by someone who was there). It was not changed it was typed to see the words, because in the original document the words were hard to read.

Secondary Source:

This would be a secondary source because this was written to explain what happened in the Nebraska Act. It says on the site that it was written in 1996 making it not a primary source because that is far from the original time period making it invalid as a primary source but a valuable and understandable secondary source.

Thee picture below is a snippet from the primary source website and is the beginning of the original Kansas Nebraska Act.

Big image

This picture below is a snippet from the secondary source website. It is a secondary source because it was written in 1996, far from the original date and it was written as a conclusion of what happened.

Big image

Non example of Primary ans Secondary Sources.

Non- Primary Source

This is not a primary source because it was written by someone who is not part of the coca cola advertisement company. They are giving there opinion on coca cola advertisement.

Non-Secondary Source

This is not a secondary source for it is a actual coca cola advertisement picture.

Non Example of Primary source because it was written by someone else that is not part of coca cola advertisment

Big image

Non- Example of Secondary Source because this was an actual advertisement picture used my coca cola.

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