Shine Project

The Shine Reading Project is back!!!

This year see's the return of the Shine Reading Project for selected students in Yr7, 8 & 9. Sessions will now run on Tuesdays session 1 for Year 8, Wednesday Session 1&2 for Year 7, and session 3 for Year 8 and a reading group with Nikki Elsom for Year 9 session 3. All sessions will take place in the Discovery Centre. Names of students selected will be circulated in due course.

Please continue to support this project by allowing students to leave your lesson as we have volunteers who give up their time to come in to have the students read to them.

If you have some spare time (even 20 mins) during the above sessions and would like to volunteer and have a student read to you please contact Marie Samuels.

Marie Samuels

Shine Reading Project Co-ordinator & TLA

Kids Company!

I would like to remind everyone that Kids Company - Young Carers Group is running again every week on a Friday during learning family (Kids Co room/SSC04), a chance to come and get support, talk, do homework, attend trips, do fun activites and meet other students in school who have caring responsibilities, anyone who would like to attend can they see their hoh, ahoh or see Chantell in the phoenix centre.

Kids Company afterschool clubs - Music Club - make beats, record vocals, record instruments, mix and master tracks, use logic pro 9 - Venue: E0.8 Time: 3pm until 4.30pm, If interested please collect a consent form from the Kids Company Team based in phoenix centre.

Art Club - Every Friday, 2.30pm until 4pm in Kids Co room SSC04, stop animation, lino cutting prints, junk modelling, create your own ideas, please collect a consent form from Kids Company team if you would like to attend.


Chantell Smith

Kids Company Team Leader.

Tel:07944 502 940.


News from the Discovery

1. We have more board games available now, so please come and ask for them. We would welcome any donations of board games too. Please do look after them and bring them back to the desk after using them.

2. Before school - Chess Drop-in - learn how to play it + Homework

3. Next week lunch times' activities:

Monday - Languages Club - Let's speak them all today! :)

Tuesday - Art&Craft - One-liners

Wednesday - Board games

Thursday - Creative writing workshop with Nicky

Friday - Film Club is back! Today we will be watching Journey to the Centre of the Earth! -

4. The Descriptosaurus Writing Challenge coming soon!

5. We would love to know your opinion! Please complete a ver short survey for us! Thanks a lot!- http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/XKTHXZ5


Yr 7 if you have not collected the T-shirts which you made in transition school please come and get them from Discovery this week

See you,

Magda and Helen.


· Salad Bar tokens to be purchased in the morning or at break time only – As from Monday 30th September the salad bar will finish and the Pasta Bar will start, same procedure with purchasing a token please.

· The menu can be found on the school website or FROG

· Please remove your tray and place in the tray trolley when you have finished.

· Don’t forget to top up your account before break time & lunchtime

That’s all I think!!




Bouldering club is starting on Tuesday 17th September, anyone interested needs to see Ms Richardson in R119 to get their names registered!