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Below are answers to frequently asked questions related to COVID-19, PCC and ECHS. We will keep this updated over through April. As this is an evolving situation we will continue to update this document. We ask that you continue to check this document for updates. Thank you everyone; we will get through this challenging time.

Governor Brown Announcement 4/8

This afternoon the Governor and the Oregon Department of Education made an announcement canceling in-person classes in K-12 schools for the rest of the year. To be clear, both PCC and K-12 schools will continue providing education, classes and grades through Remote, Distance and Online learning through the rest of the Spring Term. PCC classes will continue, and you will continue to be enrolled in your current classes.

We will have updates for our seniors and juniors after we have met with district officials in all our partner districts. We appreciate your patience.

We recognize that these are difficult times we are all facing. I urge any of our students that are having trouble accessing their courses at PCC or are having difficulties in this new online learning environment to please contact their counselor, so that we can either provide resources, support or provide you an alternative plan

Books for Classes - Updated 4/7

PCC announced that Bookstore staff will work remotely starting this Friday, April 10th. At that point no additional book orders will ship. All our students should already have their books for the term, but if they have not please be mindful of this deadline.

PCC extends remote learning and campus closure through Spring Term - Update 4/3/20

On 3/3/30 Students received an email from PCC Vice President of Student Affairs, Heather Lang. In her email she announced that PCC campuses will extend remote learning and campus closures through Spring Term Prior to this announcement PCC had planned to open campuses for in-person classes on May 4th.

To clarify, students should not change any of their schedules because of this announcement. Their classes will continue to meet remotely through the duration of Spring Term. If any of you have questions please email your counselor

Help with Technology - updated 4/2

Chromebook Help:
If you are having problems with your Chromebook BSD has created a student help desk. Students can email the help desk at or call (503) 356-4656 for and a BSD I.T. department staff member will help solve technical issues and provide support. More information can be found here link

Help with PCC programs (D2L/Zoom/mypcc):

Home WiFi Help:
Comcast is offering their Internet Essentials Program for free for the next 60 days. More information can be found here:

Academic Support -updated 4/2

The Academic Learning Center will continue to support students during the campus closure with virtual tutoring through Zoom in most subjects. More information can be found here:

Online Learning Tips 4/2

Make a schedule: Use your planner- write down your class times (Zoom meetings)- assignments, etc. from the syllabus. All the organization you put in right now will pay off as your term gets busier. Schedule time for your meals, family time, fun time, netflix time, exercise and connect with friends time...

2. Communicate: Let everyone in your family know what your schedule is so they are aware when you will be online and don’t want to be disturbed. You may want to work with them in putting together your schedule, so you can include family time, fun time, meal time, chore time, etc. so everyone is working together and supporting each other.

3. Structure and plan your Study Time: Make sure you are not only scheduling time for classes, but also study time(s) each day…Make a commitment to say, study from 3-5pm every weekday, and then after dinner from 7-9pm, so you have time for other things..

4. Breaks: Plan to take a break every hour – 10 minutes or so of stretching etc., listening to music, etc, scheduling in snack, lunch helps..

5. Space: Carve out a place in your room, house, wherever it is that you can work from, organize it so it works for you- comfortable chair, desk, outlets for computer etc.

6. Start your day: Shower, get dressed in the morning, have breakfast to get your day started. It will make you feel like you are keeping to a schedule and much more motivated to get going and be productive that day. It also makes such a difference in your mood.

7. Exercise: Taking a walk/run outside (with social distancing in mind) every day is about the best thing you can do for your mental health- what’s nice is that now that it is lighter at night you can go after dinner, make it a routine…..also, you could sign up and log in to an online fitness class (there a lot of free ones being offered right now).

8. Connect: Schedule a regular zoom meetup with a friend / friends / family on the weekend makes such a difference when everyone is feeling the same- isolated- to connect and catch up with everyone. It is so great to see everyone’s faces!

9. Get Offline: Limit your online time other than school- we can all go down the rabbit hole of finding out more and more about the coronavirus or ?….- it’s good to be up-to-date but not hour by hour…

10. Reach out: Know that everyone is going through this together, so if you start struggling at one point, reach out to friends, parents, teachers, counselors and tell them that you are struggling whether it be to do with a class, illness, family, or motivation. Maybe make a zoom study group for each of your classes for once a week meetings to support each other.

The most important thing is to ASK FOR HELP! We all stand ready to help you as we all figure this out together.

Grab and Go Meals During School Closure- updated 3/27

Beaverton School District:

Grab and Go meals (breakfast and lunch) will be served curbside at 17 designated locations from March 30 to April 28, from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m.

The locations are: Aloha Huber Park K-8, Barnes, Beaver Acres, Chehalem, Elmonica, Fir Grove, Greenway, Hazeldale, Kinnaman, McKinley, Raleigh Hills K-8, William Walker, Vose, Whitford MS, Beaverton High School, Southridge High School, Sunset High School.

Please note we have added Elmonica and Greenway as curbside location sites. We will share information about new bus stop meal distribution locations on Monday, March 30

Tigrad Tualatin School District:
Grab-and-go breakfast and lunch will be available again at Metzger Elementary in Tigard and Tualatin Elementary beginning on Monday, March 30th. Hours of service will be 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM.

Hillsboro School District
Pick up locations: March 30th -April 28th
R.A.Brown MS 10:00-12:30
Century HS 10:00-12:30
South Meadows MS 10:00-12:30
Lincoln Street ES 10:00-12:30
Evergreen MS 10:00-12:30
Poynter MS 10:00-12:30
Liberty HS 10:00-12:30

Hillsboro will also be expanding its meal distribution to include a bus delivery model for students 1-18 years of age. Starting on April 1st there are 22 routes along elementary bus routes. Please click this link for more information:

Questions about books for next term - updated 3/20 at 10:00am

Q: Are their changes to ordering books for next term?
A:The PCC bookstore is the most expensive option to purchase your books. We recommend purchasing online through another source.

PCC closed their bookstore for in store purchases as of 11:00 on 3/17

If you are purchasing books through the PCC Bookstore they have requested that students order their books online as soon as possible; all paper, digital, online books and access codes should be available online at PCC Book Stores. Paper books, access code and physical course materials will be sent via UPS at no charge (Make Sure your address is correct). Please read the return policy

You need to log on to the PCC Book Store on the Campus you will be attending, create a bookstore account; add your course materials. You will need a credit card for your purchases and make sure to include free books on you book list.

If you order from an alternative source and need access code or digital access make sure it is included and please read the return policy.

Q: ECHS pays for my books. Can I return my books, my book list, and sign up for my Hop pass next week?
A: Our offices are closed effective Tuesday 3/18 so you will not be able to return books. We have updated Hop passes for our students. We are updating our plan for book listsand will have more information on procedures for book lists in the next day or two

I have had a course cancelled. What should I do? - updated 3/19

If you have had a course cancelled and need to reschedule here is what you should do:

First contact your counselor so that they can help. We want to make sure that you are signing up for a class that will meet graduation requirements.

Also note that in light of our current situation ECHS is not enforcing the limit of only 2 online classes Spring term.

What is the difference between "distance learning" and an "online course?" updated 3/19

An online course is self-paced and often self-guided by the student, it does not have a set class time, and has limited interactions between students and faculty and does not meet in person. What we have found with online courses is they tend to be more difficult than the traditional courses. The lack of communication and the lack of a relationship established between the student and the professor creates problems when a student needs support. We have also found that the lack of a set schedule and the self-pacing is often difficult for high school students. As a result we find that our students do not do as well in the online courses as in the more traditional courses.

Remote learning mirrors the in person class experience more than an online course. Instructors host their course meetings through zoom or google meeting. Students log in at the normal class time, they attend the class virtually, they have discussions virtually and, as much as possible, mimic the in-person experience. Students would have a set schedule when they must log in, and they will have more interactions and communication with their professors. If there is an easing of the social distancing guidelines after May 1st, these courses could move to in-person status towards the end of the term or students could continue to attend virtually.

Our policy is to only allow students to take 2 online classes per term. Because of the current situation we are not enforcing this policy. Students can take more than 2 online courses this term if needed

Questions about PCC Campus Closure and ECHS office hours - updated 3/18 10:00am

3/18 10:00

PCC made an announcement this morning that all teaching will more to online or remote instruction. ECHS closed our Sylvania offices to students yesterday and our Rock Creek office is now closed to students as well.

Questions about classes next term - updated 3/18 at 10:00am

Spring Term - instruction for traditional, face-to-face classes will be offered remotely.

Remote learning mirrors the in person class experience more than an online course. Instructors host their course meetings through zoom or google meeting. Students log in at the normal class time, they attend the class virtually, they have discussions virtually and, as much as possible, mimic the in-person experience. Students would have a set schedule when they must log in, and they will have more interactions and communication with their professors.

How can I prepare for next term? -updated 3/13

First, you should watch your email over Spring Break for correspondence from your professors, from PCC or from ECHS for any updates. Some hands-on classes are being cancelled so you will want to watch your email closely through Spring Break. Second, if you have not already, sign up for flash alerts from PCC here. Finally, send your counselor an email if there are specific questions you have. We will answer them as best we can and will add them to the FAQ if appropriate.

PCC campus closure vs Home High school 3/12

When it comes to school cancellations our students are guided by PCC decisions, not by their home school/district. If PCC closes their campus you should not be on campus. Currently, PCC has closed their campus to in-person classes from the start of Spring Term until May 1st and all classes will be held remotely. This may be a different plan than your home school district; however, you and your student should be guided by PCC's campus plan, not your home school district or school.