Jenna Burleson

B.A. Psychology and Journalism/Mass Communication

A Little About Me...

Jenna is in her senior year at Ashford University and working on finishing two Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Journalism. During the beginning of her time at Ashford she had to balance taking care of her three animals, being a wife, working a full time job in customer service, and maintaining beautiful grades. Life can be hectic, but once you figure out how to balance your time anything is possible. She decided to take time off from work to focus more on her education and less on the stress that comes with being a full time employee and full time student.

To occupy her time between assignments she is working on becoming a freelance writer and guest blogger. She enjoys writing about the stresses from her peers and family about their needing her to have children and the importance of maintaining at least a mildly healthy, active lifestyle. When she isn’t working on writing assignments, she is either outside playing ball with her dogs or reading a Sci-Fi book outside on her patio. Jenna joined CHAMPS so that she could help other students work on their own time management; she would like it so they too are able to continue to do the things that they love the most while they are on their educational journey.