Fearless Records

Shelby Casnellie

Limited Liability Corporation

-Fearless Records is a LLC corporation. They have limited liability, and do not sell stock.

Benefits of an LLC:

  • Do not pay taxes on a business level
  • Creditors cannot pursue the personal assets of owners to pay off business debts (houses, cars, savings accounts, etc.)


^Background Info^

Fearless Records was formed in 1992 by Bob Becker. It was not "official" until 1994, however.

This company is known for their "Punk Goes..." series. This consists of albums like Punk Goes pop and Punk Goes Metal. Fearless' products are distributed nationwide by RED Music, which is branched off of Sony Music. Fearless Records carries artists like Mayday Parade, The Plain White T's, Motionless in White, Pierce The Veil, Blessthefall, and many others.


I would probably invest int this company because my personal assets would not be at risk, and no business taxes would have to be paid. It would also be awesome to see someone's dream come true.