Principles of Business

by: Kougar Rodriguez

American Eagle

American Eagle merchandise is manufactured in Vietnam, India, Guatemala and China.

American Eagle Legend Long sleeve T-shirt
Price: $19.99


Oakley products are made in the USA.

Oakley Standard 2.0 polo shirt
Price: $24.99

Under Armour

Under Armour products were primarily manufactured in Asia, Central and South America and Mexico.

Under Armour Men's Everyone's Armour Polo Shirt
Price: $39.99

Polo Ralph Lauren

Polo RL products are manufactured in the USA


The adidas Group has outsourced most of its production. Overall, we work with more than 1,100 independent factories from around the world that manufacture our products in 61 countries.


  1. Their majority of their output today is produced in factories in China,Indonesia, and Vietnam, but they also have factories in Italy, the Philippines, Taiwan, and South Korea. These factories are 100% owned by subcontractors, with the majority of their output consisting solely of Nike products.