Sydney's Dog walking services

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About myself

I am 13 years old and I LOVE dogs. I have a dog of my own (she is the dog in the middle picture below). My brother and I are always asking for another dog but we have just been so busy lately that we have had no time to look and it never seems to be the right time to adopt due to or busy schedules and our other crazy dog at home . I do not only walk dogs but I love and care for them. I also like going to the animal shelter and helping out there. I am not afraid to walk any dog no matter if the dog is super small or if it is huge. So contact me today for your next best dog sitter.

I walk dogs of all sizes

Why chose me as your future dog walker?

You should choose me as your future dog walker for many reasons. The first reason you should choose me as you next dog walker is because I absolutely love dogs. I love walking with them, playing with them and cuddling with them. If your dog has sepertion anxiety

( like my dog ) They are more than welcome to come to my house for the day or days that you are away. I also have GREAT DEALS and cheap prices for long and nice walk. I guarantee that your pet will be cared and loved for while you're away.

Contact info

Cell phone; 908-809-5588

Home phone: 908-306-1118


I Have Great Deals!


1 walk per day = $5

2 walks per day = $11

3 walks per day= $15

5 walks per day = $22

Overnight for 1 day with 4 walks per day = $90

Overnight with 2 days 4 walks per day = $140

Special Deals

One dog is full price and the second is 1/2 off

Buy 5 walks and get the 6 walk free