Cornelius Vanderbilt

By: Zakaria Alabudi & Bryce Utter

The Opening Statement

Vanderbilt saw that the rail roads was going to become a success, so he invested a lot money and effort to make the rail roads work. He was one of the richest men at the time because he saw the power of the Railroad industry . Vanderbilt is famous because he innovated America by building the rail roads. The rail roads brought prophet to America by transporting goods and people.


Cornelius Vanderbilt (1794-1877) was a self made multimillionaire. Vanderbilt's rapid increase in the Railroads not only made him very rich it helped America grow. It made America come closer to each other witch made America stronger as a whole.


Cornelius Vanderbilt saw the power and money that was in the Railroads so he decided to invest all he had in to his idea. So he sold his boats that he had from his previous business and he started building more Railroads has far as he could and as much has he could cover. He came out a winner it was a brilliant plan it made him billions of dollars in todays money, was one top of the world at one point.
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The rapid growth of the railroads is very important the faster the railroads grow the faster America grow in power and just letting the people travel and export faster. Today it lets us ship large amounts of goods even fast. It also lets us get from point B to point A faster.
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We think that Cornelius Vanderbilt made a great decision choosing to invest all he had into the railroads we think with out him no one els could of made it as great as he did. He truly was the best man for the job.