Changing states of matter

By Cooper Jack Warman

The three states of matter

Everywhere we look there is matter. From the keyboard that you use to type, to yourself and everything in your body, even the fingers that you use to touch the keyboard to type. slid, liquid, gas. These are the states of matter. If you take an ice block and you put it in a hot space for a while, it will start to melt. This melting changes the Ice block from solid to liquid in moments. Then if you keep it in the same spot for more time, it will eventuality will turn into steam. Your ice block has now turned into a gas. Then if you like, you can reverse the process and turn it from liquid to solid but you can't turn the gas back into liquid because it is in different places and will float away before it is turned back into the second state of matter. There is also plasma that is an additional state and will make four states of matter. Plasma is formed after the gas and is a matter that is made when the gas is contained in one place, like maybe in a jar, and then put in the sun for longer. The plasma is so small that you can barley see it at all. it is a microscopic element. The microscopic view of solid is the particles that it is made up of, don't move at all. Like they are stuck together.

The microscopic view of water is the particles that make it up are moving very slowly and shuffling around like there is nowhere to go.

The microscopic view of gas is the particles of the gas are floating around so its starts to look like they are flying.

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