TestNav-Telpas Preparation

Make sure the computers are ready to support the Test


This site will check the software, including add-ins that will be needed for testing. Just use the browser that will be used for testing and press "Start" to begin the check.
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Once the computer has passed the software check, use this site to launch a TestNav session and see that the forms will be accessed correctly.

Username: systemcheck7
Test Code: testcode7

Java must be allowed

When the browser begins to access the test, a toolbar may slide down from the top asking for Java permissions. Click "Allow".
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If Java won't cooperate with the test launch, it's possible that you have another version of Java installed next to the most recent one. If you uninstall ALL Java and then reboot and reinstall the latest Java, it should work.
Then a pop-up will appear where you should select "Allow and Remember".
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And then after a minute, a large grey pop-up will ask you to allow this website to run this application. Tick the box "Do not show this again for applications from the publisher and location above," and press OK. (If you do not tick the box, it will ask again the next time.)
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You have successfully launched TestNav.

T Vernon

Campus Technology Support Specialist
Lubbock ISD