Plan Your Big Rocks with Echo

Use Echo's tools to review assignments due on Sunday

Now that your assignments are due Sunday night, you'll need to organize your week

On Monday mornings, your teachers will post agendas. You have until Sunday night to submit your work. You can submit earlier, but Sunday is the final deadline. Plan out your Big Rocks, and work a little on your assignments each day. Echo has several tools to help you.
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How to Access Tools in Echo

Echo Calendar

To access the Calendar tool, click on the three bars on the left hand side for the Menu drop down, and click on Calendar.
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The Calendar allows you to filter activities

By clicking on the "All" dropdown, filter the activities listed by:

  • Day, showing all activities due on the selected day.
  • Week, showing all activities due within the selected week.
  • Month, showing all activities due within the selected month.
  • All, showing all activities due starting on the selected day and after.

Teachers will post all specific directions in the activities page, or the assignment.

To - Do List

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This video will show you how to navigate to the to-do list from your home screen. It will also demonstrate the activity stream- where your course grades and teacher feedback are located. (Starts at time marker 2:45.)
How do I, as a student, navigate my Echo homepage?

Course Activities or Agenda Page

This is where your teacher will write daily objectives, and course activities. From the homepage, click on the Activities button in the course card (play button icon).
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Accessing the Echo Help Center

Access Echo Help Right from Echo

To access Echo help click the "?" in the top toolbar located on the homepage.

This will give access to the full range of help topics.

The link goes to:

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How do I, as a student, navigate my Echo homepage?