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Kim & Paul Sigston ~ Scentsy Family Independent Star Directors

Welcome to Team Talkin' Scents & More! We are your Upline Star Directors and are here to help you grow your business and cheer you on in your Scentsy Family Business! Please don't hesitate to contact us anytime!

Meet Samantha Gale....

I am Samantha Gale. There's not much to tell about me other than I am married to the most wonderful man, Dan and we have the most adorable son, Silas. We live in Bonney Lake, Washington with our dog and 2 cats. I grew up in little ole Vale, Or on the family farm. I started my Scentsy journey back in December 2012 mostly for a little extra spending cash here and there and, of course, for the amazing products. Lately, my business has been put on the back burner with an 8 month old running around but I hope to get things back up and busy as ever in the weeks to come. I am so appreciative of all the support from my family and from my new Scentsy family as well!

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Scentsy Standards...Retail Locations!

Sometimes there is confusion as to where and how we can market our businesses, especially when it comes to retail locations. The new Scentsy Standards (which includes Velata) sums it up and clarifies it for us! Here's what the current standards say about Retail Locations and Promotional Displays:

"Retail Locations: You may promote Scentsy's opportunity and collect orders with a Promotional Display. You may NOT offer Scentsy products for sale on a cash-and-carry basis in any Retail Location, email prior to selling or recruiting at that location.

Promotion Displays: A promotional display is to generate interest, collect orders, and promote the opportunity. A promotional display must not be, or even appear to be, a cash-and-carry sales location. You may not deliver orders to the location of your promotional display."

Though you should always check with Scentsy Compliance for clarity, some examples of a "retail location" may be anywhere that any type of merchandise is sold, Salons, gyms, stand alone stores, etc.. This list is endless. Basically, the standard states we can have a display (1 item of each product; ie; 1 warmer, 1 bar, 1 cc, catalogs, flyers, orders forms) but we can NOT have product for sale (not even a couple of bars).

Please contact Scentsy Compliance for further clarity or questions regarding this Scentsy Standard.

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Tips from Scentsy Sistas...

Always Follow-up on your PWS orders!!! Often times orders that are placed through our Personal Websites get overlooked or forgotten about, possibly mistaken for an order attached to a party. I know it has happened to me! It's important to follow up with these orders not just to say "Thank You for your order" but to make a personal connection with your online customers.

I recently followed up with a random order I received via my PWS. I originally thought she was connected to a fundraiser I was working on. I left a message for her, explaining to her who I was, thanking her for her order and to feel free to call if she needed anything. She returned my call and I'm so glad she did! She was not part of the fundraiser or any other party. As we chatted, she told me that she had been ordering through several consultants via the Consultant Finder feature that Scentsy offers. She came upon me, liked my story and that my hubby and I are working it together. She also mentioned that she had never once been contacted personally by the consultants that she had ordered from before...but since I had, she would be ordering from me from now on. It also turns out that she lives in my neighborhood.

I haven't always been great at following up...but after this...I certainly will be! Lesson learned through the lack of efforts of other consultants. ALWAYS follow up, give exceptional customer service and you will gain customers for life!!!

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Team Wahoo's!

Parties! Parties! Parties!!! Last week I asked you to post on our Team Facebook Page about your parties. All I can say is "Wahoooooooo!!!" Our Talkin' Scents & More Family is ROCKIN' the Parties this month! I cannot wait to see how they all finish up! Make sure to post or email your party results!!!

Weekly Team Challenge

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Connect with your Customers!!!

New products are the perfect reason to connect with our customers. Who doesn't love to imagine the possibilities new products present? Use the new catalog to connect with the customers you haven't talked to in a while. Offer them a new catalog or product list. Find out if they need to replenish their stock and offer to place an order for them. Share the current Host Rewards and encourage them to host a party. Listen to your customers; discover what they want in fragrance, decor, and laundry care. Do they need gift ideas? You can offer a Scentsy solution!

Now...let's have a little fun with this throughout the week! Here's our Challenge of the Week!

Connect with your customers!!! Talk about the new catalog and offer solutions for them. Your goal is not only to connect but to collect...Collect at least $150 in PRV between now and Sunday at 9pm (mst). Sales must be outside of party sales. Email me with your total Challenge PRV by 9pm Sunday evening to be entered into our drawing for a fun Scentsy prize! Here's a worksheet that you can use to track your connections! Good luck!!!

Weekly Team Webinar-Supportive Husbands/Significant Others!

Tuesday, Sep. 23rd, 7pm

This is an online event.

Join us for a great training with a very special Scentsy Husband! How he has become a supportive husband to his rockstar Scentsy wife!

Join us weekly for fun, infomative trainings to help grow and nurture your Scentsy Family Business!

Training Link:

Call in Phone Number: 213-416-1560 Access #: 833 478 458

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Come Sail Away Incentive OR Viva Scentsy! Las Vegas 2015!

Toast all of your hard work and relax with fellow Scentsy and Velata Consultants on the deck of Royal Caribbean's Adventure of the Seas as it cruises the Caribbean! This all-expenses-paid cruise departs June 13-20, 2015, and the trip includes flights, lodging, meals, and more! OR...Join us in Las Vegas for Scentsy Family Reunion all expenses FREE!!! TRIP QUALIFICATION PERIOD August 1st, 2014 to January 31, 2015

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Viva Scentsy! Scentsy Family Reunion 2015 in Las Vegas!

Tuesday, July 21st 2015 at 8:30am to Thursday, July 23rd 2015 at 10:30am

Las Vegas, NV, United States

Las Vegas, NV

JOIN US in Las Vegas for our Annual Scentsy Family Reunion!!! Put this on YOUR calendar NOW and plan on attending! Registration usually opens sometime in February! Keep an eye on the workstation for further SFR Announcements!

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