Jose Figueroa

Rainforest food web


of herbivores are Howler Monkeys, Fruit Bats, Capybaras, and the Blue Macaw. Secondary Consumers - are animals that eat primary consumers. Included in this level of the food chain are carnivores such as tigers, Jaguars, and Pumas and omnivores (eat meat and plants) such as spider monkeys and Toucans.

Symbiotic relationships

How humans affect and help the environment

Allot of people help the environment but they also damage the environment as well. Pollution has started to affect the environment negativity over the last few centuries. Using chemical fertilizers, actually pollutes the air , soil and water with toxic. There is a few ways u can help the environment by not littering and you should,take advantage of sunshine and save electricity.

Organisms in the food web

Fungi plays the role of the decomposer. Plants play the role of the producer they synthesize their food through photosynthesis using energy from sunlight. Animals play the role of the consumer they eat the producers