Hydroelectrics In Penrith

By HFJ Hydroelectrix

What is the project?

We will be building a $300,000,000 dollar water farm and power station in the Nepean River situated on the west of Penrith. We will be harvesting the water flow from the river which is renewable and an infinity source of energy. We will be making turbines but underneath the water to spin a generator and generate easy electricity.

How will it effect Penrith citizens?

This will be an easy solution to all your electricity problems. Electricity will beflowing in at a rapid and steady rate so you won't need other sources of generating electricity other than this one. The electricity generated will be easilly transfered to houses by wires that will be easy to be connected to.

Big image

Where we will be building the power station and turbines.


In conclusion we would love to make a power station for Penrith with our 3 million dollars. We will be using the water efficiently and generating electricity efficiently.