UTSW Department of Anesthesiology

Final 2015-2016 Newsletter

Wisdom from the Chairman

The greatest glory of living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time you fall.

– Nelson Mandela

As we enter the close of an incredible academic year, I felt the Mandela quote was appropriate. Over the last year, there have been occasions where each of us has fallen, but I’m proud of the fact that every time this has occurred, each and every one of us have risen. This demonstrates true “grit”. The presence of grit in your life will prepare you for the challenges that are ahead in both your personal and professional lives. I humbly believe that the Department is successful at instilling grit within its membership due to the size and complexity of our operation. This provides you a skillset that at this stage in your career, you do not completely appreciate. The incredible experiences that you are exposed to in our clinical and educational environments are setting you up for a life time of successes. I appreciate that the past year has been challenging, given the transitions associated with movement into the new Parkland Hospital. This transition has been a significant event in the life of the Department, and has impacted your training and those that will follow in your footsteps, in what I believe, is a very positive fashion. Please know that myself and residency leadership value your opinions, and are looking at many new exciting initiatives for the core residency, and all of our training programs, as we get settled into our new clinical homes. Thanks for demonstrating grit, and making me so proud of each and every one of you ever every day!

- Charles W. Whitten, MD

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Anesthesiology and Pain Management Residency Graduates of 2016

Michelle Aerni, DO - University of Arizona

Jeremy Bates, MD - Metropolitan Anesthesia Consultants (Dallas, TX)

Mallorie Cline, MD - PAP Private Practice, Dallas

Shayla Derousseau, MD - UTSW Pediatric Anesthesiology Fellow 2016-2017

Michelle Eddins, MD - Obstetric Anesthesiology Fellow 2016-2017

Travis Edwards, MD - Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine Fellow 2016-2017

Suk Hong, MD - UTSW Assistant Professor

Justin Jackson, MD - Emory Speciality Anesthesia Associates, Atlanta

Stephen Krazit, MD - University of Southern California, Pain Fellowship

William Manson, MD - University of Virginia, Regional Fellowship

Amy Marino, MD - Private Practice, Dallas

Toy Ogunkua, MD - Obstetric Anesthesiology Fellow 2016-2017

Nich Okoro, MD - UTSW Assistant Professor

Vadim Petrov-Kondratov, MD - Pain Medicine Anesthesiology Fellow 2016-2017

Lisa To, MD - Pain Medicine Anesthesiology Fellow 2016-2017

Sue Trafton, MD - Excel

Kimberly Warmack, MD - Northwestern Cardiothoracic Fellowship

Tiffany Williams, MD, PhD - UCLA Cardiothoracic Fellowship

Anesthesiology and Pain Management Fellowship Graduates of 2016

Warren Choi, MD - Attending Physician at UT Houston

Min Kim, MD - Excel

Cooper Phillips, MD - UTSW Assistant Professor

Kara Bennett, MD - UTSW Assistant Professor

Brian Braithwaite, MD - Partner with Interventional Pain Specialists, Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky

Nathaniel Loo, MD - UTSW Assistant Professor

John Van Straten, DO - Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota

Alissa Doll, MD- UTSW Assistant Professor

Katie Lee, MD - UTSW Assistant Professor

Miguel Prada Rico, MD - Assistant Professor in Pediatrics and Pediatric Anesthesiology Baylor College of Medicine

Rita Saynhalath, MD - UTSW Assistant Professor

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Vapor Camp is a trainee-inspired, faculty-driven 30-day immersion into the clinical practice of anesthesiology. One of the earliest and most comprehensive "boot camps” in anesthesiology, Vapor Camp is designed to facilitate acquisition of basic clinical knowledge by entry-level residents in the month of June. New trainees are allowed to engage in multiple activities without call or direct patient care responsibility. During this time clinical base interns participate in three to five hours of daily didactics, hands-on workshops centered around and pertaining to basic anesthesiology, high-fidelity simulation courses, and are expected to complete testing on knowledge they have acquired.

A very strong thank you to all faculty members who are giving lectures, participating in simulations, those who have financially donated to the team for food and educational materials, and those who have worked with the Vapor Camp Team to ensure a seamless month.

Most Sincerely,

Vapor Camp Team

James D. Griffin, M.D., Rebecca Davis, Brian Frasure, Murcedes Hooks


Procedural Reminders

Resident Sick Call-in Email: anesressick@utsouthwestern.edu

***this is the only avenue for which to call in sick***


- An Intent to Travel form should be filled out and submitted to Education 6-8 weeks prior to your trip.

- A copy of the brochure must be provided along with the intent.

- Your abstract, if applicable, should be submitted to Education for approval immediately upon acceptance.

- All residents/fellows must add Education as a "travel assistant" in Conqur so they may book flights.

- The traveler should be aware of remaining EDU Funds prior to submission for reimbursement.

- Reimbursement forms are to be submitted within 10 days of your return

Chiefs' Corner

As the academic year is coming to an end, we are happy for the CA-3s who will be moving on to new horizons to start fellowship, become new faculty members, and venture into the private practice world. Good luck to everyone! We will miss those who are leaving and look forward to seeing them again at UTSW Alumni Events. For those who are staying at UTSW, we can't wait to work with you! :) And as the senior class moves on, the new class of CA-1s will be coming in. June 1st officially marks the first day of Vapor Camp! We all have the wonderful experience of Vapor Camp during residency- for many the first time is as an intern, and for all there are many more times throughout residency. Vapor Camp both teaches the new class of anesthesia residents and also shows ourselves how much we have grown over the past year.


Jia Romito

Bailor Hardman

Eugene Chung

Chief Residents 2016-2017

UT Southwestern Department of Anesthesiology

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