The Gestapo

the Green Secret Police during World war II


Im doing this flyer on the secret police squad for the german during world warII. so im going to inform you on what they did and where they came from. and what they needed for so you listen and read the res of the flyer

Where they came about

When the Gestapo was put together when the nazi seized power in 1933 herman goring.A prussian minister dedacated to espionage.later in 1936 wre in kristalnacht or kripo (German secret police).then ther had sipo there ( German criminal police) in 1939 .
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some of the things they did

in World WarII the gestapo se up some thing called the Einsatzsnupper a task force mobile/killing machine squads formed it was an internal part of the gestapo. then thy went to the ghettos. then they were forrced to cause diseses and to gas the jews when Russia was invaded


the gestapos leader hinrich himmler was the key to the nazi officials he was resposible for overseeing the final solution the (plan to take over europe) himmler was born into a middle class cathioc in october 7 1900, and was taught at ludwig acedimic highschool (gymnasium) he was once a asssistan principle as gymnasium during world warI he wanted to become an officer he tried on and got the position he had served as a body gaurd for hitler and then he started to surpass

citeings Raul wallenberg


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