Sea Turtles in Nicaragua

By: Hunter Watkins

What is ecotourism and why is it important?

Ecotourism is traveling to places that have natural areas for conserving the environment and also places for education. Ecotourism is important because it makes traveling around the world more efficient, protects the local cultures from being harmed, and also protects the wildlife and plantlife from being harmed.

The importance of Sea Turtles in Nicaragua

The sea turtles are located by Nicaragua in either the side with the Pacific and Caribbean or Atlantic Ocean. It is important because many sea turtles come on the coast and lay their eggs making a tourist attraction for many.

How would ecotourism benefit the feature?

Ecotourism would help benefit the problem of sea turtles being harmed by natural predators like animals and sometimes people hurting the eggs being laid on the coast like using them for jewelry. Also Ecotourism would help other people learn to be more kind to the environment protecting other animals around the world.

Ecotourism Adventures

There has been many organizations made to protect the turtles and the coasts they land on in general. Foundations like the Cocibolca foundation that protects turtles on the coasts of Nicaragua. Also many civil organizations make nurseries for the turtles to be protected.