Human Body

Digestive System

Learning Groups

The expectation is that you are working the entire time and that social talking or fooling around is not permitted. If you can not work in your cooperative groups, then you can work on this in the book, individually.

You can and are encouraged to work with your group members to complete the activities.

These are the learning groups for Mrs. Muir's class.

  1. Nathan, Joshua, Amy, Jordin, Valerie, Jackie, KaCeyon
  2. Daniel, Erika, Cesar, Zariah, Jared, Ashley, Natalie, Christian
  3. Ethan, Amire, Yajira, Ivan, Haylie, Carolyn, Maria, Jasmina
  4. Daya, Candy, Eddie, Diego, Emily, Melina, David

Station 1 - Teacher

Bring your notebook, textbook, and pencil. Turn to page

Station 2 - Parts of

Watch the following video and read Science text book pages 136-139. Use the information to label the digestive system diagram and complete the table for the descriptions and functions (what do they do?) of the parts of the digestive system.

Station 3 - Keeping it healthy

  1. Watch the following video.
  2. As your watching the video fill in the table explaining how each food helps the body

Station 4 - Reading

  1. Read the online article. You can access an audio recording here. (MAKE SURE YOU ARE READING ALONG WITH THE AUDIO)
  2. Use the flow map to record what happens to the food we eat.