Bobcat Pride Press

2021-2022 Volume 3 - Issue 2

Fall Edition

We are back together for a year of encouragement, perseverance and teamwork!

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On your mark...Get set....LEAD!!!

Things To Celebrate In September

By: Adam Feiler, 4th Grade

What Do You Celebrate In September?

Here is a list of things you can do to celebrate things in September.

National Daughters Day Is 9/25

World Tourism Day Is 9/27

National Sons Day Is 9/28

National Family Day Is 9/27

National Neighbors Day Is 9/28

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Bobcat Summer Memories

By Adam Feiler, 4th Grade

1. Ms. LaManna Went To Kelley’s Island In Lake Erie.

2. Sudesh Went To The UP And North Carolina.

3. Maggie Went To Many New Places And Went On A Full Road Trip

You Can Still Fill Out Our Form Using This Link:

Summer Memories Survey

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Jokes, Riddles, And Trivia!

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Weekly Riddle

By: Adam Feiler, 4th Grade

What 4 Letter Word Can Be Written Forward, Backward, And Upside Down, And Can Still Be Read From Left To Right?

Answer Will Be Revealed Next Week!

Last Week’s Answer Was: A Blackboard

Weekly Puzzles And Brain Teasers!

By Adam Feiler: 4th Grade

Here is your next Brain Teaser!

Can You Solve It?

This Week’s Theme Is Fall!

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5 Jokes

Tune in for more jokes next week!


Mateo Lindenmeyer, 4th Grade

Trivia Kahoot

How to access the kahoot

Do you have an idea for my trivia theme? Fill out the form below or email me at

Trivia Theme

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Weird Facts About Animals

Mateo Lindenmeyer, 4th grade
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Funny Sports Video

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Going with our theme here are three funny sports videos. Please send in your own sports videos or pictures.

Email them to

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Cool Information

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Bobcat Pride Press Links

By Adam Feiler 4th Grade

Have You Ever Accidentally Deleted An Email?

Missed A Bobcat Pride Press?

Now You Don’t Have To!

Below Is A Link To All Bobcat Pride Presses.

Bobcat Pride Press Links

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