Should young athletes play Football

Article by Chloe Calhoun

No, Young Athletes Should Not be Able to Play Football.

BAM!!! You just got hit in the head by another person. You can see and hear fine, but then you realize something is different. You don't clearly know what is going on around you. Your head aches and you feel nausea. Everyone comes rushing around you like some angry mob. You are having a concussion. Concussions are just one of the dangers to not just young athletes, but even pros. Young kids should not be able to play football for many reasons.

The Dangers of Football

We all know football is an adrenaline rushing sport, but what you also know is football is a very dangerous sport. According to Scope Magazine, "No sport has more concussions then football." Some think that because of this, we should shut down football forever. Some think that football is a very good sport and we should never shut down the American sport we know and love. Parents think they should push their kids hard to be an amazing football player, but really they are just putting their kids at more risk. The parents aren't even thinking about what their kids want to do, they're thinking about what they want their kids to do. If young kids are going to play football, they should change some things. They should put softer ground down so that when they get tackled to the ground, they don't get that bad of an injury. They should also get safer with the tackling, They should separate them by size and not age. Some kids are bigger than others and tackling would be more rough. So again, football is a very dangerous sport.

Football should not be played by smaller kids.

Football should not be played by younger kids because it is too dangerous. It can give kids brain damage and concussions. It is also bad because it can get fans so hyped, if their team doesn't win, some go into depression or commit suicide. But that's extremes. Also, the refs are getting argued at and sometimes hurt. It is not a good thing that kids are playing football for many, many reasons.