Charles V

Holy Roman Emperor

By: Lauren Novak


Charles V was born on February 24,1500. Charles V was born in Ghent in what now is Belgium. Charles V is the son of Philip of Burgundy and Joanna. Charles V died in 1558 in Yuste, Spain, he suffered from an enlarged jaw & pronounced jawline became known as the Habsburg jaw.

Charles Achievements

Charles V was elected king of the Romans, or emperor designate. (His actual coronation as emperor by the Pope took place in 1530 In Bologna.) Charles V also had a very successful campaign against Tunis destroys the Barbary, pirates based there. In Spain, he survived an early revolt and laid the foundations of the strong government which underpinned Spanish greatness in the country after his death, while in Italy he overcame papal resistance to the establishment of Spanish hegemony.


Interesting Facts

Charles financial problems, his failing health and his disappointment at failing to suppress Protestantism let to his gradual withdraw from power.

When his grandfather died in 1516, he became practically king of the Spanish dominions .

Charles V spoke in 4 languages, French , Spanish, Italian, and German/Dutch.

In Charles later life, like Henry VI, was carried around on a special chair. This was due to his gout. (Gout is a type of arthritis. It occurs when uric acid builds up in blood and causes inflammation in the joints.)

Impact on today

Charles V was one of the most extraordinary monarch the Europe have ever seen. For a time he had the air of being the greatest monarch since Charlemagne.

Charles V is known as being an amazing king and having the Habsburg Jaw.


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