Gingko Newsletter

Week of December 7, 2015

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Hello Gingko Families!

This week we…

Learned the Sound in Motion for “g.” We practiced the motion and thought of words that started with the sound. We each drew the word we chose and put them together to create a book.

Went book shopping with Brooke! During Exploration, small groups of kids went book shopping with Brooke in our Compass library. Each child chose 10 books that they used during Reading Workshop. We talked about how to take care of these books and our book baggies at home and in school.

Read lots of big books together. The books we read this week were similar to the books in our book baggies, with lots of sight words and a predictable pattern. Reading these books together and becoming comfortable carrying a pattern is helping us become stronger readers!

Played with Wiki Sticks, letter stamps, and Play Doh during Exploration.

Did some more counting with inventory bags. This time, we talked more about ways to organize materials to make them easier to count and represent. We practiced organizing counters into groups of 5.

Took another restaurant walk. This time, we brought clipboards and pencils to document what we saw. We passed by a pizza place, and asked the people working there if we could come in and sketch. They were so kind to let all of us into their restaurant! We spent a few minutes sketching and labeling the things we saw and shared our work with our friends back in our classroom.

Spent time talking about people who work in restaurants and what their jobs entail. We talked about chefs, waiters, hosts, managers, and dish washers. We talked about ways these jobs can be acted out in dramatic play.

Saw some nests up in the trees in Fort Greene Park!

Did our first word sort! We got two sheets of papers with lots of pictures on them. We used scissors to carefully cut out the pictures. We sorted pictures to show if the word illustrated started with the “c” or “t” sound. We reviewed our work with a teacher and then glued down the pictures and colored them in.

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At home you can...

Continue reading with your child. Read some books from your child's book baggie. You can read the first couple of pages to help familiarize your child with the pattern. When your child is reading, help them point to each word as they read.

Count! Count objects at home, work on organizing them into groups of 5.

Ask your child about our new exploration materials.

Ask your child about our time in Fort Greene Park. What does your child like to do at the park? Who did your child play with at the park this week?

Point out words that start with "g."

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