The Devestation of Deforestation

by Danielle LeJeune

Main Issues

Climate change is a contributing factor caused by deforestation, which is becoming exceedingly destructive to the atmosphere around the areas of forests.

Forests provide you and me with oxygen and store carbon dioxide, a destructive gas to humans. Every tree that is cut down diminishes our prevention of CO2 build up in the atmosphere.

Another dire issue is the declining of wildlife and rare animals. Millions of habitats and their inhabitants are reduced because of deforestation, and most of the organisms cannot sustain themselves without the defense of forests.

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Negative Effects and Main Regions near North America

The effect deforestation has had is the extreme loss of habitat; we may be losing organisms that are potentially essential to human life. Deforestation also drive climate change; trees within forests take a significant role in the water cycle. Without the moisture of the trees, there is no water to be precipitated and brought back to Earth. Crops, animal, and plants surrounding the area decline increasingly.

Many forests are declining in North America because of the massive logging industry within America. The dwindling of forests in America are decreasing drastically.

Wild Life and Our Every Day Life

An unsettling amount of endangered species are threatened by deforestation. Countless organisms reside within the trees cut down. Forests supply the nutrients and shelter that organisms need to survive. Normally, they have already adapted to their environment, so transferring to an alter forest is difficult.

Deforestation is able to reach League City by a lack of precipitation and an increase of wild animals flocking to take shelter beneath our own trees. Both these factors could become a great issue. The state's money, as well, is being lost on this massive amount of butchering trees, which injures the economy.

How does deforestation effect humans? To put it simply; no trees, no humans. Trees are essential to our oxygen supply: absorbing carbon dioxide and putting the harmful gas into good use. And, without trees, breathing would be incredibly unstable. Without trees is without a stable water cycle, a system that is necessary for human life, and drought would disperse throughout areas lacking trees. Without forests, humans would cease to exist.

There are multiple causes to deforestation. Most are responsible to people: urbanizing land, clearing land for human activity, to create land for cattle ranching and to obtain ingredients that are ridiculously priced. A natural occurrence are forest fires.

Fortunately, people have come up with solutions. Organizations are urging companies and factories to regrow the trees that they destroy and attempt to salvage forests. They also can put power to their purchases, which gets consumers aware. The most influential way to decrease the loss of forests are to curb the slaughtering of trees for companies by setting rules and governing how it is done.

My solution is similar to that of others, but mine would be urging companies who have to cut down trees to produce their products to take the time and regrow the trees. This solution would have an impact; although trees that populate forests take years to grow, we are at least helping the future of forests and people.

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