Chinese Cinderella

Natalia Caldwell

My Summary

Adeline came back from kindergarten glowing in happiness. She got rewarded a medal for her work. Adeline was looking through. Then she finds a picture of here grandparents. A year after her mother died. Then her father then married a 17 year old Eurasian beauty. Friends of her Aunt Baba from her fathers first marriage. She got left with a gift of the scrawniest birds. Chun-mei's was her closest friend in school. Then her father starts whipping her for behavior. The next day Adeline she gets left out from another family outing. She then made a prank to hurt Ye Ye earlier of the day. Hen life gets better for her over the days. As she played soccer over the years, she has been taken to Ye Ye funeral. She then had to quit school and get a job. Now her future is limited less.
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This is the autor as a child on the cover of the BOOK.