20 Ways To Jump Start Your Fall

Do you feel it yet? The fall and winter are coming and we are starting to ramp up for our holiday sales. This is one of the best times of the year for the direct sales industry, so here are some helpful tips to get your business back on track and help your team reach their goals!

1. Have a re-launch.

2. Contact past hosts to see if they would like to book a party for the holidays.

3. Have a Mystery host party.

4. Hold a Fall/Winter Open House to introduce your companies new products.

5. Have a team Booking Blitz.

6. Invite your customers or hosts over for a customer/host appreciation event.

7. Have a Turkey Trot during Thanksgiving to get sales during that holiday.

8. Pass out candy with your business information to the parents when the kids come trick or treating on Halloween.

9. Write down your goals for the holiday season. How many people will you add to your team? How many parties will you hold? What do you want your sales to be at?

10.Work with the leaders on your team to help them understand the importance of the holiday season for their team.

11.Hold a holiday celebration for your team! It’s nice to get together and have fun and show your appreciation without any training involved.

12.Promote your opportunity! People always need extra cash during the holidays and this is the perfect time to sign up!

13.Look for events in your community. Check for church craft sales, fall festivals, and school holiday festivals. It’s great exposure for your business.

14.Have frequent specials and sales for each holiday (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas, etc.) People are looking for a deal and they might just see yours!

15.Participate in give-away basket opportunities. You can put together your product in a gift basket and offer it as a donation to events. There is some money out of pocket, but it will get some exposure for your business.

16.Send holiday cards to your best customers. They will appreciate the gesture. Why not include a coupon in there for a future purchase as well!

17.Send holiday cards to your team! If you have a large team, just send to your front line and to your leaders.

18.Host a party in a restaurant, wine bar, or pizza joint.

19.Don’t overbook yourself. We tend to book tons of parties during the holidays and it sometimes makes for a very stressful season. Know your limits and stop when you reach them.

20.Hold as many catalog parties as you can.