Earth's Surface

Rocks and Minerals

Rocks vs Minerals


  • forms in nature
  • is a solid
  • have a definite chemical makeup
  • has a crystal structure
  • forms in nature
  • is a solid
  • made of more than one type of minerals

Types of minerals

Chromite- used for dyes used in chairs

Hematite- color for cosmetics

Quartz- used for the bulb inside a lamp

Graphite- used for led inside pencils

Fluorite- Used in toothpaste

Zincite- used in sunscreen

copper- used in refrigerator

silver- used in computers for the electronics

sulfur- used in rugs for foam

Hematite- used in mirrors for hinges and frame

Pentlandite- used in vacuums for stainless steel

Sphalerite- used for dyes in towel

Galena- used in can opener

Cassiterite- used in clock radios as solder

Stibnite- used in matches

How do rocks and minerals effect every day lives?

Rocks and minerals are in everything. Your computer has silver and quartz in it. Your lamp has copper and brass in it. Almost everything thing in you house has rock or minerals in it. For example when you get your eggs or milk out of the refrigerator there is Hematite copper and chromite right in your refrigerator. When you call someone your holding copper silver and graphite. So when you wonder why your learning about rocks think abut everything that has rocks and minerals in it.