Causes of the American Revolution

The American Revolution is the war that was Americans against the British which ended in a win to America. Some causes that started the American Revolution were the Navigation Acts, the Stamp Act, the Boston Tea Party, and more. Some British economic policies that led to the war were the Quartering act, Navigation Acts, Proclamation of 1763, Stamp act, Boston massacre, Tea Act, Townshend Acts, and the Coercive Act. What I think the colonists justified in declaring independence from England was that they should fights for there right.

Navigation Acts

The Purpose of the Navigation Acts was so that the British got more money by canceling trades with other countries. The two rules that the colonist had to follow when follow when trading goods were that they don't trade with any other country and that they only trade with England. The Sugar Act was part of the navigation Acts and it was that the colonists could only buy expensive sugar from the British and the colonist opposed to it because the British sugar was too expensive and wanted sugar from France because it was good and cheap. The most significant impact(According to the reading) of the Navigation Acts was the colonists turning against the mother country, England.

Townshend Act

Some items that were taxed with Townshend Acts were tea, glass, paper and other military costs. this created the Daughters of Liberty, ad the Daughters of Liberty responds protest the Townshend Acts by repealing taxes. The British government continue to tax on tea after the Townshed Acts were repealed in 1770 on tea. The Sons of Liberty, led by Samuel Adams, respond to the continued taxation of the colonies by attacking officials British soldiers and colonial tax collectors.

Boston Massacre

The events that unfolded on March 5, 1770 were the Boston Massacre where five unharmed colonist were killed by armed,well trained British soldiers. Samuel Adams respond to the Boston Massacre by calling it propaganda. John Adams, Samuel Adam's cousin, do after the Boston Massacre was that he call the the British soldiers infamous and sharing news and ideas against the British.
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Coercive Act(Intolerable Act)

The colonists called the Coercive acts the Intolerable Acts. The Four laws that were enforced as a result of the Intolerable Acts were that there's no trade between Boston and Britain, No town meetings, gave Britain control of the colony, and strengthened the Quartering Act. The other Colonies respond to the Intolerable Acts by going to Boston and makes plans against the British.
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