Crafts For Kids Project

By: Brylan Villines

Crafts For Kids

When I found out that we had a community service project, the holidays were just around the corner. I wanted to do something that would relate to the holidays and would make a impact on others. So I decided on crafts for cancer.

How it Works

The kids at cooks don't get to go home for the holidays, they are stuck at the hospital fighting for their lives. If I were at a hospital over the holidays I would want something to do, so I thought I could bring all kinds of crafts to the kids. If you cant bring the id to the fun, bring the fun to the kids! I knew I wouldn't be able to collect enough alone, so I teamed up with my mom's elementary school!

Some of the crafts and how we advertised-

The Kids Reactions

how they reacted-

when we brought the crafts to cooks, the kids and their families were more than grateful! They were all so happy to have something fun to do, that helps pass time, and express themselves. It was so amazing to meet all the patients and their families, they always seemed to have a smile on their face that lite up the room.