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Season of Gratitude

As leaves on the trees change, the morning's become cooler, and Daylight Saving Time approaches (set clocks back on Saturday night), I am reminded of the importance of expressing gratitude in our daily lives. One of my greatest blessings is being able to serve our CCPS children, families, and staff. My wish for our CCPS community is the gift of time... purposefully plan a moment to pause, reflect upon, and find meaning in the many gifts of this Thanksgiving season.

Visit the following links for some family-friendly gratitude activities:

November Is Native American Heritage Month

Every year on November 1, Native American Heritage Month is celebrated to honor the remarkable Native American contributions to our country's diverse and rich cultures, histories, and traditions. This month invites educators and community organizations to educate their communities about the various tribes in Virginia and across the nation as well as the challenges faced by the Native Americans, both past and present. There are currently seven federally recognized Native American tribes in Virginia: Pamunkey, Chickahominy, Eastern Chickahominy, Upper Mattaponi, Rappahannock, Nansemond and Monacan. Join us in celebrating and valuing diversity is our schools and neighborhoods. #OneCaroline

Visit this link to learn more about NAHM.

CCPS Students Speak: The Importance of Voting

“Why is it important for everyone, but especially for young people, to vote?”

Young people are the voice of the future and without their vote those voices are silenced. They are who the future policies are going to affect the most. Without their input, they aren’t going to approve of any new laws, which defeats the entire purpose.

-Gavin Norment

Voting is what our nation is founded upon. It is more important now than ever for young people to vote. Young adults are the ones who are going to build up our nation. The world is changing and the youngest generation are the ones who will have to live and grow with it. It’s our turn as youth to make a difference.

-Trinity Harless

Without young people voting you truly cannot get an accurate political opinion of the people. Also, young people seem to be the most powerful voices on issues but you need to vote to have your voice heard.

-Ryan Colovos

The youth vote has the potential to be extremely influential in this country. The voting process shapes how our country is run and if more people partake in it, the people would have a country where their voice is represented.

-Jayden Jones

By voting, young people can help change laws that may affect them now or in the future.

-Makayla Johnson

I think people should vote in elections to make a difference in our country. Many people complain about how everything is run in our world, but will be the ones not to vote.

-Madison Carter-Mayo

It is vastly important that all people and especially young people vote, since it is not only your right, but also your power too.

-TJ Dillon

As our society evolves, this evolution is fueled by young adults seeing the world through different colored lenses. So, in a general sense, voting by any individual, especially young adults, is how our society evolves as a whole for a more diverse and brighter future for the generations we will eventually leave behind.

-Grey Batchelor

It is especially important for young people to vote to balance out the votes from older generations. Younger generations need to vote to create a world of policies that they would want, to protect their families and their individual rights.

-Hannah Mills

American Education Week: November 13-19, 2022

This year's American Education Week theme is Together for Safe, Just & Equitable Schools. In honor of American Education Week, we are asking families, educators, and communities to come together to pledge their support for excellence in public education for all students. American Education Week happens the week prior to the week of Thanksgiving. Each day of the week has its own theme, during which we celebrate educators, highlight family engagement, and share the importance of paraprofessionals and dedicated substitute teachers:

  • Monday, 11/14 Kickoff Day Across the Country;
  • Tuesday, 11/15 Family Day;
  • Wednesday, 11/16 Education Support Professionals Day;
  • Thursday; 11/17 Educator for a Day;
  • Friday, 11/18 Substitute Educators Day.

Stomping Out Bullying

Throughout Anti-Bullying Month (October), schools promoted positive relationships between students, encouraged students to understand, respect, and value our unique differences, discouraged insensitive and inappropriate behavior toward others, and provided strategies to address bullying when it arises. School leaders and counselors offered classroom lessons, held Upstander Day (see something, say something), posted bullying awareness articles on Facebook, issued daily announcements regarding bullying, provided newsletters and flyers to students and families, used stories to teach about the negative effects of bullying, and participated in Unity Day (wear orange).

Please be reminded that students and parents can use the Stopit app to anonymously report bullying they see or experience as well as any other safety concerns. Stopit is completely confidential, does not report students’ identifiable information, and is available 24 hours a day/7 days a week for students to anonymously report incidents.


Take a look at the October School Board Meeting highlights:

  • Unity Day (5th graders travel to CMS for teambuilding)

  • Core Value Monthly Recognition

  • Recognition of Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

  • Caroline County Residential Development Overview

  • Special Education Advisory Committee Update (SEAC)

  • Mentoring Program

For more information on these topics, you can access the Boarddocs link or see the meeting at our CCPS YouTube Channel.

Join us (YouTube or at CMS) for a Special Called School Board Meeting on November 3 at 5:00pm. Agenda items include calendar adjustment recommendation (11/8 work day to staff closure), Naming of School Facility recommendation, and closed session (personnel, compensation, student discipline, and naming school facility decision).

The following topics are anticipated agenda items for the regularly scheduled November 14 School Board Meeting (CMS at 5:30):

  • New Course Highlights

  • American Education Week Recognition

  • FY24 Budget Calendar

  • FY24 Capital Improvement Plan

  • State Fair Recognitions

Career Cafe: Seeking Businesses!

Caroline Middle School and Caroline High School are collaborating to begin a new "Career Cafe" program aimed at increasing students' awareness of employment/career opportunities in their community and region. Students/classes would visit with participating partners during lunch time to hear about preferred soft skills, related CTE/academic courses, helpful credentialing/certifications, available internships/job shadowing, etc.

If you are interested and/or would like more information, please contact: Beth Markwood, CHS Assistant Principal, or Rachel Wheeler, CMS Assistant Principal,,

CCPS PK-12 Literacy Festival

CCPS cannot wait to host the 2nd annual PK–12 Literacy Festival on Wednesday, November 16, 2022, from 5:30–7:00 p.m. at Caroline Middle School. All students in grades PK–12 are eligible to participate. For more information on the festival, visit Sign up by following this link: See Mrs. Kline or Mrs. Henderson for more information about submissions, a criteria list, and a permission slip. A signed permission slip is required before registration is finalized.
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Partner in Education Spotlight- Korean Embassy

On Tuesday, September 27, 2022, the new Defense Attache for the Republic of Korea, Major General Lee Kyungkoo paid a visit to the Caroline Middle School’s History and Korean (K) Club students. MG Lee is the third Defense Attache to visit the school and students. The friendship between CMS and the Korean Embassy started back in 2015 with the then Defense Attache MG Shin Kyoung Soo, who visited the school many times during his assignment as Defense Attache here in the US. The reason for our friendship is because of the CMS History Club’s Korean War Memorial Garden, located on the grounds of CHS and right on the 38th Parallel (which is the dividing line between North and South Korea still today). Before returning to South Korea, MG Shin and the Embassy of the ROK purchased bricks in the Memorial Garden to solidify the friendship and unity between the ROK and CMS.

The CMS History and Korean Clubs are so grateful for our friendship with the ROK and the Defense Attache. While visiting from South Korea, and not here in an official capacity, but a more friendly visit, MG Shin gifted CMS with a beautifully painted eagle plate. On his first visit to CMS, MG Lee gifted the school library with a large basket full of books about Korean history, food, culture, music, and by different Korean authors. These books will be enjoyed for years to come by the many students who will read them! We love our Partners in Education!

If you are interested in being a Partner in Education, click HERE.

Alumni Spotlight- Jonathan Honeycutt

Jonathan W. Honeycutt is a 2019 graduate of Caroline High School. While in school, he excelled in carpentry and technical drawing classes and was invited to join the MC DEAN program which consisted of students committing to staying after school for the semester to learn the NCCER curriculum (National Center for Construction Education and Research). At graduation, Jonathan was given a letter of recommendation and a job offer at MC DEAN which he started in June of 2019 and where he continues to work.

The MC DEAN apprenticeship has afforded Jonathan with the opportunity to do something he loves as a career. This pathway has supported Jonathan with pursuing his electrician certification, also known as a Journeyman, which has allowed him to work directly with site personnel to design things need for MC DEAN projects. Jonathan also has the ability to apply for jobs within MC DEAN that will take him across the world!

Calling All Alumni!

We want to hear from you! Click HERE and tell us about yourself, what you are doing now, and how CCPS supported your 3E readiness. We also want to find out how you might like to become involved with Alumni networking and events.

Join our Alumni Facebook page at:

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Important Dates

National Native American Heritage Month

Take Your Legislator to Work Month

November 6: Daylight Savings Time Ends (Fall Back)

November 8: No School/ Work Day

November 7-11: School Psychology Awareness Week

November 8: Election Day

November 11: Veteran's Day

November 14: School Board Meeting

November 14-18: American Education Week

November 23- SCHOOLS CLOSED (Holiday)

November 24- Thanksgiving

November 25- SCHOOLS CLOSED (Holiday)