Become a zoologist today

Information about zoologists

  • Zoologists study animals and their cell structure.
  • Zoologists have a love of animals and those who work in the field are usually physically fit.
  • A bachelor’s degree in zoology is a minimum requirement for entry level jobs while further qualifications are usually required for higher level research jobs.
  • The word ‘zoology’ comes from Greek words meaning ‘animal’ and ‘knowledge’.

  • Important subjects related to zoology include biology, physics, chemistry, English, algebra, calculus and statistics.

  • Zoologists study the behavior, physiology, classification and distribution of animals, whether they are living or extinct.
  • Observing animals in their natural habitat can be a time consuming process, zoologists who work in the field need to be patient and willing to spend time in a variety of locations and environments.
  • Zoologists conduct experimental studies indoors and outdoors.
  • Zoologists monitor wildlife health and create recovery plans.
  • Zoologists study the origin, interrelationships, classification, life histories, diseases, development, genetics and distribution of organisms in basic research.

The Pros and Cons of being a Zoologist


Working work in with animals can be rewarding.

Get to work in many different environments.

Employment opprotunities.


Advanced education is required for higher levels of this job.

Working long hours are common when working.

What you need to be a successful zoologist

    Zoologists are required to have a minimum of a bachelor's degree in a field such as zoology, biology, wildlife biology or ecology with coursework in anatomy, wildlife management, cellular biology or even botany, physics and chemistry. Also, Zoologists must be in good health and sometimes, even physically fit.

What colleges offer degrees in zoology?

  • The University of Wisconsin Madison, offers many programs and degrees, even zoology. This school is located in an urban city with many people and, it is a very prestigious school. Click this link to get to their homepage: http://www.wisc.edu
  • Michigan State University, East Lansing, is a school which offers degrees in zoology and much more animal related programs, even non animal related programs. This university has a good number of students, has many sports programs and, the entrance rate is 85%. That means that 85% of people that apply for this school are accepted. Here is the link to their homepage if you want learn more: http://www.msu.edu
  • Southern Illinois Universtiy, located in Carbondale Illinois, is a college that can provide many degrees for their students, one of those degrees being zoology. This school has a good entrance rate, is located in a city and, very culturally mixed. Click the link listed if you would like to visit their homepage: http://siu.edu

Orginization/Associations that can offer information about zoology

One of the websites you can go to for information is the International Society of Zoological Sciences. The offer many help tips and programs that can help you to become a zoologist. Click the link to visit their website: http://www.globalzoology.org/dct/page/1

The next organization that offers information about zoology is the Applied Zoologist research organization, you can click the link to learn more about this organization: http://www.azra-india.com


Become zoologist today. All you need is a bachelors degree to join this job, you can get promoted to higher rankings if you have a higher degree. They for his job is well paying and, you get to work with animals all day. You can click this link to learn more about being a zoologist: http://www.azra-india.com