Military Career

By : Aiden Kelly


Special requirements

The infantry only allows men to join not girls.

Work environment & Yearly wages

"Pay depends mainly on rank or grade as well as length of service. Bonuses and the situation in which the person is serving (for example: flight duty, sea duty, hazardous duty) also affect pay. To learn more, check out Wages in About the Military".

Civillian counterpart

Although the job of infantrymen has no equivalent in civilian life, the close teamwork, discipline, and leadership experience it provides are helpful in many civilian jobs.
U.S Army Infantry

Daily activitys

Infantrymen perform some or all of the following duties:

  • Carry out scouting missions to spot enemy troop movements and gun locations
  • Dig foxholes, trenches, and bunkers for protection against attacks
  • Drive vehicles mounted with machine guns or small missiles
  • Operate communications and signal equipment to receive and relay battle orders
  • Operate, clean, and store automatic weapons, such as rifles and machine guns
  • Parachute from troop transport airplanes while carrying weapons and supplies
  • Perform hand-to-hand combat drills that involve martial arts tactics
  • Set up camouflage and other protective barriers

physical demands

The infantry has very demanding physical requirements. Infantry personnel must perform strenuous physical activities, such as digging foxholes, climbing over obstacles, and marching while carrying equipment. They also need good hearing and clear speech to use two-way radios, and good night vision and depth perception to see targets and signals.