Robert E. Lee

Confederate General

Robert E. Lee's Life

Robert E. Lee was born in Stratford, Virginia on January 19, 1807. His fathers name was Colonel Henry Lee nicknamed the "Light Horse Harry". Robert E. Lee fought in the Mexican War where he first showed his skill as a General. When the country split Lincoln asked him to be in the Union army but he declined because he didn't want to fight against his own fellow Virginians. On May 1862 he drove the Union troops out of Richmond. This battle was named the 7 Days Battle. His troops also won a crucial victory in the Second Manassas. After the Battle of Antietam almost 14,000 of his troops were either captured, wounded, or killed. Later in the Civil War at the Battle of Gettysburg almost destroyed his army. Eventually Lee was forced to surrender to Grant at Appomattox Court House. Lee died of a stroke on October 12, 1870.


Key Details

  • Confederate General
  • fought in Mexican War
  • fought for 36 years as a superintendent and as a Confederate General
  • fought in battle of Gettysburg
  • 7 Days Battle drove Unions out of Richmond
  • fought in the Battle of Antietam
Robert E. Lee - Mini Biography
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  • "I suppose there is nothing for me to do but go and see General Grant. And I would rather die a thousand deaths." -Robert E. Lee

  • "It is good that war is so horrible, or we might grow to like it."

    – Robert E. Lee

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