Tuesday Times

Havelock North Primary School - 2nd August 2022

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Kia ora koutou,


A big HNP welcome to our new student Odin. Well done on making such a great start to school Odin.

Covid Update

Last week was very quiet on the Covid front with two cases reported which was unexpected given the health recommendations that schools are now operating under. This week started with five cases yesterday and none today. We will have a greater indication of where things are at by the end of this week. Ultimately we want teachers in front of their classes and students at school as often as possible. Isolation and Covid related illnesses have been frustrating for everyone. Thank you for your support at this challlenging time.

Learning Conferences

As mentioned in the Tuesday Times this week, Learning Conferences will take place on Wednesday 10th and Thursday 11th August. On Wednesday 10th August school will finish at 12:30pm to allow the first interviews to begin at 1:00pm. We respectfully ask that students be collected at 12:30pm on this day. We do recognise that for some families this may not be possible. Please let your child's teacher or the admin team know admin@hnps.school.nz if you require your child to stay at school until 3pm on Wednesday 10th August. They will be supervised in the hall. Normal school hours will resume on Thursday 11th August.

Bookings for these interviews are now open. You can choose either the "in person" or "video-conference" option. You will be emailed with confirmation of your booking. If you chose the "video conference" option, a link will be attached to the confirmation email you will receive.
Booking can be made though the following link:

Event code: 823us

Thank you and please don't hesitate to contact us should you have any queries or need assistance.


All the very best to our Chess players as they head to the Hawke's Bay Primary Schools champs this Friday.

House Mufti Day

This Friday we will have a mufti day to celebrate our houses. Children may come dressed up in their house colours for this day.

Have a great week everyone.

Ngā mihi

Nick Reed


Principal Award winners

Congratulations to the following students who have consistently displayed our school values. We are very proud of you all.

Values Medal Winners

Congratulations to Adelaide (Responsibility), Charlotte (Relationships), Nora (Resilience) and Lily (Respect). We are amazed with the way you consistently display our school values. Tino pai kids!
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Values Award Winners

Well done to Values Award winners. A special well done to Stella who was the supreme winner this week.
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School Books

School Books.

We need your help!

Firstly, occasionally our school readers inadvertently get left at home. We really need to have them returned. Our bookroom is looking quite sad as we no longer have full sets of books to use with our reading groups. It costs a great deal to keep our supply of reading resources current and adequate in number to ensure each child has access to books at an appropriate level. So, please send in any books you may have at home.

Also, could you please ensure that your child returns their reading book straight back to their bookbag after it has been read - to help keep it from being damaged. As unfortunately we have had a lot returned beyond repair. Thank you for your support with this.

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Enviro Corner - Week 2

A great first week for 'Good Caps'.

Our totals from Waste Management were-

Plastic lids/caps: 9.5kg

Metal lids/caps: 26kgs

Just a reminder that plastic lids need to have a recycling sign with a number 2 or 5 inside. These lids need to be clean and dry before you put them in your bag otherwise they smell and contaminate the other caps.

Thank you to these local businesses who are working alongside us for such a good cause - At E’s cafe, Loading Ramp, Turks, Smith & Sheath, Malo, Maina, Pipis, Piku, Mary’s, The Work Room, Wright and Co, Figgery cafe, Bay Espresso, Hawthornes, Mondo and Baker Tilly HB. Already collecting through Lions are - Rose and Shamrock and Diva.

We love community spirit - especially for a good cause. Who could you ask to support this amazing project?

Thanks everyone for making a difference!

Together we are helping our environment and Kids with Kidney problems.

How awesome is that!

There are also prizes for the schools who collect the most caps.

Come on HNP - we can do this!

The Long-tailed Bat

Friday 12 August is our Long-tailed bat fundraising day! Please come dressed in your best batty costume with a big donation for the Long-tailed bat!! The best outfits will win prizes!

We have an art competition running at the moment with prizes for the best drawing and the best poster of Pekapeka. There will be prizes in each category for junior, middle and senior students. So please get drawing!

Next week look out for a very special visitor around the school!!

How you can help the Long-tailed bat!

1. Protect old trees, even the exotics like pine, macrocarpa and gum. They provide good bat habitats.

2. Check trees before felling. There may be bats hiding under loose bark or hiding in cavities. Look for black sticky paste on the tree; this is bat poo.

3. Plant flax and other natives near streams (riparian planting). Bats use streams as highways. Plants provide shade and encourage insects which bats like to eat.

4. Use a rat trap in your backyard. If everyone has a rat trap it will really help Pekapeka.

5. Talk to your friends about bats and learn as much as you can about bats.

6. Get a bat detector and go batty! (order from Magenta bats). Be a citizen scientist and let DOC know where you find bats.

"Surely we have a responsibility to leave for future generations a planet that is healthy and habitable by all species". -David Attenborough.

New School App

Please contact Kerin on admin@hnps.school.nz if you are having trouble with the app.

Please remove the old school App from your phone.

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Sports at Havelock North Primary School

A HUGE thank you to those that have volunteered their time this term to coach and/or manage. It is much appreciated and our team sport couldn't happen without people like you.

If you have any queries, sports news or photos please email Erica Cranswick at sport@hnps.school.nz

S - Sportsmanship T - Teamwork A - Attitude C - Coachability

The coach and/or manager gets to choose one or two awardees for each game. They then email the players names to me and their names are published in the Tuesday Times, AND they go into the draw to win a brand new ball of their choice!


Isla Maloy, Eva Balcombe, Grace Davies, Amber Gregory, Amelia Knofflock, Tessa O'Sullivan, Tom Steiner, Caitlin Tod, Lucy White, Georgie Fleming


Rupert Hammond, Georgia Kavana-McGhie, Isabelle Hickman

Term 3 Sports Registrations

Term 3 sports registrations currently open are;

Hockey (Mini Sticks Y3/4, Kiwi Sticks Development Y5/6) https://enrolmy.com/havelock-north-primary-school/book-now/140-Mini-Sticks-Y34--Kiwi-Sticks-Development-Hockey-Y56---Term-34-2022-

Barefoot 7s tackle rugby tournament (weight graded Year 4-6) https://enrolmy.com/havelock-north-primary-school/book-now/141-2022-Primary-and-Intermediate-Barefoot-7s-tournament-weight-graded-

Click on the links for further information and to register

Any questions, please contact me on sport@hnps.school.nz

Bizzy Bodz After School Care Programme at HNPS

Find out more about Bizzy Bodz before and after school care programme.

If your child is absent and not going to be attending Bizzy Bodz on a particular day please communicate by phoning us on 06 825 6088, or emailing Grace admin@bizzybodz.co.nz. Or you can text the programme directly if it is after 2 pm on 021 837 795.

Out and About

Term Dates 2022

Remaining 2022 Term Dates

Term 3 - ends 30th September

Term 4 - 17th October - 14th December

2023 Dates

Term 1 - 1st February - 6th April

Term 2 - 24th April - 30th June

Up Coming Events


5th - Hawke's Bay Chess Tournament

5th - Mufti Day -House Colours

10th/11th - Learning Conferences

11th - Board meeting -5:30 pm

12th - Mufti day - Endangered Species

15th - Home and School meeting - 7:30pm

16th/17th - Kids Sing competition

23rd - HNI Open Evening

31st - HNPS X Country


21st - Interschool X Country

30th - End of Term 3