Cydney Brogdon

Ireland Facts

~My dream vacation is in Ireland

~Ireland is located in Europe

~I want to visit Ireland because of the food and scenery.

~My destination is great because there are many different places to visit.

~1-Ireland is a part of the British Isles.

~2-The population in Ireland is 6,378,000.

~3-Most people in Ireland speak Irish or English.

~4-The capital of Ireland is Dublin.

~5-The National Holiday is Saint Patricks Day.

~6-There Currency is Euros.

~7-There Government is Republic

~8-Michael D. Higgins is the president

~9-It is the second largest island in the British Isles.

~10-During the Iron Age,a Celtic language and culture emerged in Ireland.


~It will take 11h 55m to get from Houston, tx to Dublin, Ireland

~Ireland is 4536.75 miles from willis, tx.

~ I will take my family and friends.

~I will travel on an airplane

~I will stay in Ireland for one week.


~My family and I will stay in a hotel.

~ I will be staying in Clarion Hotel Sligo, it is $70 per night.

~I will need to pack Tons of clothes, assentials, and money.


~It will cost 3,028.80 here and back.

~It will cost $490.00 to stay for a week.

~I will have $200.00 for extra items.

~We will eat at the Rustic Stone; A restaurant in Ireland. It will cost about 60 or 70 dollars for the whole family to eat.

~It will cost 50.99 to rent a car for a week.

~It Will cost 3028.80 here and back.

~It will cost around 30 dollars to pay for gas.