Snow Leopard News

Week of January 18


Hello Snow Leopards,

Welcome to Cedar Valley Community School, where we are serious about learning together and growing to be our best! We teach and encourage students to work hard and to be outstanding each day.

At Cedar Valley we use a positive behavior support system built around the following beliefs that are introduced, taught, modeled, practiced, reinforced, and expected throughout the year:

At Cedar Valley we are kind, compassionate citizens. We are responsible and respectful to each other, so that we can all create a positive, safe learning community.

Feel free to call the office at 425-431-7390 with any questions, suggestions, or comments. You are always welcome at Cedar Valley and we hope you will take advantage of each opportunity to be a part of the school community. On behalf of the Cedar Valley staff, I would like to wish all of you a wonderful school year!

Leah Bracken


Every absence, excused or unexcused, is a learning opportunity lost and can have significant impacts on a student’s success in school and life. A student who misses 10 percent or more of their school days, which can mean just two days a month, for any reason, is considered chronically absent. A student is considered truant if they miss five or more unexcused days in a month or 10 or more unexcused days in a year. Five or more unexcused days may lead to a conference with the school.

Attendance is critical to learning. Logging on meets the minimum requirement for attendance. Actively engaging meets the goal for learning. All students are expected to attend and actively engage in daily remote learning.

Reminders during COVID:

  • Please continue to report your student’s absence to the school office.

  • Absences will only be excused if they meet the State’s criteria for excused absences, including new reasons for excused absences during COVID-19.

  • Schools will begin to send daily automated calls beginning Monday October 19 for students that have not attended a scheduled class or engaged in remote learning daily. This will be the initial absence notification, the callout messages acknowledge that these absences can be adjusted by the teacher, should engagement for that day be established.

  • If you have questions or concerns about attendance, please reach out to Dolores at 425-431-2151.

Tips for good attendance during remote learning:

  • Establish a designated time for electronic devices to be turned in or shut down at a reasonable time the night prior.

  • Ensure school Chrome book or device used to log on to remote learning is charged the night prior.

  • Establish a morning routine that includes having breakfast and ready to be logged on

  • time for the first class.