Who I Am As a Leader

Varenya S.

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Is confident

A leader must show courage. They must be able to confidently state their beliefs and fight for their team.

is modest

Confidence can sometimes change into arrogance and pomposity. This is where modesty comes in. A leader must be modest.

Is well-educated on their topic

Who would want to follow a leader who has no idea what they are doing, or what they are fighting for?

Is inspiring and positive

It is always important to remain positive, even during dark times. Just look at Harry Potter and how inspiring he was when he started secretly building D.A. (Dumbledore's Army) to fight against the Dark Arts. He inspired so many people for a good cause.
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is understanding

A leader must be able to understand their team well. They must also be empathetic.

has good communication skills

How will a team succeed if the leader cannot properly give directions? It is important to clearly state your words and garner good communication skills.

is not a "boss"

A leader is NOT a boss. A leader is, in my opinion, a kind, compassionate person who GUIDES, not BOSSES.
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Me... as a leader!

Type of Leader

I am a cross between a democratic and autocratic leader. I try to incorporate everyone's ideas into the project, but I can be overpowering and dominating sometimes.

My Personality Type

My personality type is ENFP. The E stands for Extravert, which means I am outgoing, friendly, and amiable. I am also a "people" person and great to have around for brainstorming sessions because I can think up great ideas. However, I get distracted easily and am not very likely to follow up on those ideas. The N stands for iNtuitive, which means I am more likely to follow my intuition or feelings rather than my brain while making a decision. The F stands for Feeling, which means I have a variety of emotions. I can be silly or sad at the same time. I am also P, Perceiving.

My personality also affects who I am as a leader. For example, I have a variety of emotions and I am prone to using my intuition rather than logic. This means I am very likely to make hasty and rather impulsive decisions. I am also a friendly and genial leader because my personality is Extravert. This means I am empathetic towards my followers. This also means I am understanding and make others feel comfortable around me. Unfortunately, I am also easily distracted and am not always guaranteed to follow up on my promises all the time.

In conclusion...

I learned a lot about myself. I am easily distracted and have a small attention span. I also don't usually follow up on what I promise to do. I also have a small patience level. These are the things that I need to improve on, or it will lead to the downfall of my group/team. I can get carried away during brainstorming sessions because I go insane with creative ideas. I am also very amiable towards my followers and try to incorporate their ideas into the project.

I definitely need to improve on somethings and make myself, as a leader, better.

A beautiful quote by jim rohn...

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