By: Justin R


There are usually 11 people to a side with varying players on a team. Most youth team use 8 or less players on the field at a time. The referee is the main authority on the field but there is also two side refs which are the main refs assistants. Kick off is usually determined by a coin toss. Yellow cards happen when jump at a player, kick, trip, charge, strike, push,tackle an opponent etc. The winner of the coin toss can take either side of the field they want but the teams switch sides at half. If a team scores the other team takes kicks off at center field and the ball must go forward.


Ball-has to be a spherical ball and has to be the size your league uses.

Shin guards-These are here to protect you and your legs.

Jersey- this is usually the color you team has and will have your number and sometimes your last name.

Shorts-typically black soccer shorts.

Socks- whatever your team wants for socks but they have to cover your shin guards.

Cleats- you can use any cleats you want unless team has a specific pair.

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