Setting Goals to Reach!

Goal Setting

At Castlio we are really trying to instill goal setting in our students. We are teaching them how to set attainable goals and work toward those goals, then of course celebrating these goals when they are met! We do this in several different ways. What we are really working on teaching the children to set their learning goals (while teaching them whats realistic) and making big deals about how to get there. Each kiddo now has their count to 100 goal set in their binder in the Goal Setting tab. IF they already counted to 100 they colored it in, and we will begin moving them toward counting by 10's. We also colored in their letter ID and letter sound goals. If your child met those, we will begin working on the sight word goal. In the classroom we put up their number on our goal board for each goal they achieve. You also can log on and see their DOJO points as well as they work toward their behavior goal. Tomorrow they will set their reading frequency goal for home. They will pick how many nights they will read at home, and color in a box for each night they read. They do not even need to read this book to you. It can be as simple as them taking ownership and getting out their ABC book from the day, or the ABC chart from their binder and practicing it and coloring it in. Just sign it at the end of the month and we will celebrate goals achieved!
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The kids were so excited when I introduced them to the ABC ninja app. The APP is free. The kids see letters float up on the screen. The voice will name the letter and the kids have to slice that particular letter in half and earn points for slicing the correct letter. We played this at the end of the day.

Letter Sounds

We have really been reviewing our sounds that we have learned so far. One way we have don this is by picking out pictures that match the letter sounds and moving them into the barrel. Just another way to practice.
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Daily 5

Speaking of goals achieved.....we finally met our class stamina goal of reading to ourselves for 15 minutes. It took us two weeks but we made it! We have begun reading to someone as well. The kids are doing great with this, and it will allow me to now begin working with small groups. This week will introduce another component of Daily 5 called Word Work.
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The kids were excited in library this week. If they were caught reading quietly they got to sit and read in a "comfy" chair.


Overall the kids did really well on their topic 1 test. We began topic 2 on comparing numbers this week as well. We started off by comparing boys and girls in our class. We are learning what more, less, fewer and greater means.
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This week we will be working on making connections with stories we read. We will begin retelling events of a story, and identifying characters as well. We will learn the next 2 sight words on their sight word sheet in their binders.

We will continue to compare and order numbers in math.