Czech Republic

By: Mary Wagenblast

Date joined the European Union

The Czech Republic joined the European Union in 2004. It was not a founder of the EU.

History of the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic was first part of Czechslovakia. Czechslovakia was Czech Republic and Slovakia combined. Then, on January 1st 1993, Czech Republic and Slovakia gained their independence and became separate countries.

Where is the Czech Republic located?

Czech Republic is located in Central Europe. It is a landlocked country. It is between Germany, Poland, Austria, and Slovakia.

History of the flag

Czech Republic's national flag is the same as the original Czechoslovakia flag. The Czech Republic's flag was red, white and blue and thoses colors were considered to be "Slavic Colors" in the nineteenth century.

What is Czech Republic's capital? What are 4 major cities in Czech Republic?

Czech Republic's capital is Prague. Four major cities in Czech Republic are, Brno, Olomouc, Ostrava, and Liberec.


People should visit Prague because they have beautiful Renaissance gardens, Prague Castle, which is the home of the President of Czech Republic, and Baroque Cathedrals. Also, Prague has the Charles Bridge which is a famous historic bridge.

Physical features

Czech Republic has rolling plains, hills, and plateaus surrounded by low mountains.


Czech Republic follows the Parliamentary democracy government system

Currency Type

Czech Republic's currency type is koruna. Koruna is also known as CZK, and Czech crown.

Fun Facts

1.) Hills and mountains cover 95% of the country. It's great for skiing, mountain biking, and hill walking

2.) Czech Republic are famous for their beer and wine. They have one of the best types in the world

3.) The languages spoken in Czech Republic are, Czech: 95.4%, Slovak: 1.6%, and other: 3%.

The religions are Roman Catholic: 10.4%, Protestant: 1.1%, other or unspecified: 54%, and none: 34.5%