Junk Food vs Healthy Snacks

By Emma Bailey

Why is healthy food important?

We all need to put good things in our bodies for them to work properly. Putting unhealthy and fatty foods can make you can more weight and calories. Make sure that you are eating the right foods and the right amount of it.

Healthy Snack Facts:

  1. Snacks are a great way to satisfy hunger and get all the vitamins and nutrients your body needs.
  2. Healthy snacks can benefit you and help you grow.
  3. Dark chocolate can slow down digestion to help hold you over to your next meal.
  4. Oranges are only 59 calories and are a great, filling snack.
  5. Potatoes are a filling snack, and help you lose weight as well.

Junk Food Facts:

  1. Sodas are acidifying, chemical-laden, and loaded with artificial sweeteners.
  2. French fries are very salty, unhealthy and fried in rancid oil.
  3. Bacon cheeseburgers are loaded with calories, fat, cholesterol, salt, hormones, and antibiotics.
  4. Milkshakes are filled with saturated fat, sugar, conventional dairy, and often chemicals for flavoring. They can also leave you feeling sluggish and sick.
  5. Nachos are very unhealthy and have high fat and calories. Also loaded with dairy, hamburger, salt, and GMO.