Theories of ageing!

What is a theory?

A theory is an idea based on something that may lead to an explanation.

3 Theroies

There are 3 theories of ageing which includes

The activity theory-This theory believes that the more activity you participate in when you are younger the more healthier you will be when you elderly.This theory has had some criticism of this theory as It does not specify how much and what form of exercise should be used to keep us healthier when elder.

Continuity-This theory believes that if you are happy and healthy throughout the majority of your mid years you are likely to be happy and healthy when you become older. It also suggest that if you live an reserved and unhealthy life while in your middle ages it could affect your health at a later stage.

Disengagement theory-This theory believes that as we get older are social circles shrink and we tend to become lonelier. There has been criticism about the theory there a differ cases causing different scenarios e.g. an elderly person may be in a care home were they will automatically be around others and therefore will socialise.