Snow Leopard

Uncia uncia

other animals in habitat

Plants in habitat

Food web

Energy pyramid

Old Habitat

new habitat

2 behavioral adaptations

  • Shy
  • Elusive

2 physical adaptations

  • Wide chest
  • Large feet

how these adaptations affect the snow leopard

These adaptions affect the snow leopard because since they are shy and elusive it makes them harder to catch. Also since they have wide chests it helps them breathe the thin air easily. Since they have large feet it helps them climb on the mountains. Since I added more vegetation to the final habitat the snow leopard will have more prey in the habitat.

Average temperature

27 degrees Farenheit

Water source

From the melting snow

Why are snow leopards endangered ?

Snow Leopards are endangered because the bones and skin of Snow Leopards are very valuable in Asian medicine. Also because humans pushed livestock into the Snow Leopards habitat.