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The new Greek goddess Nikllo appears

Who is Nikllo?

Nikllo is a new addition to our Olympians. This goddess is the goddess of ego and competition. I wonder if she will be a good addition to our Olympians. Zeus has already taken a liking to her, maybe the others will also.

How did she become an olympian?

Nikllo's story

Nikllo was not an average teenager. She had an ego bigger than Zeus's. Zeus found it insulting that someone could have more self-confidence than him, so he sent a messenger down to Earth with a message for Nikllo. Zeus had decided that he would challenge Nikllo to a battle of ego, a battle he thought he would surely win. However when Niklo arrived at Mount Olympus for the challenge Zeus saw the aura of Niklo's ego. He was so stunned by how strong her ego was that he forfeited the challenge, and instead made conversation with Niklo. They began to see that they were more alike than they thought and began to form a deep friendship. Zeus was delighted that he had met a mortal that understood him but was upset that she would leave him alone. Zeus didn't want to lose the one person who understood him, so he sent Niklo on a quest. This was the only way that Niklo could receive immortality, and god status. Niklo's quest was not an easy one, she had to prove that she had the ego worthy of all the god's. She had to show that her ego could not be torn down and that it could withstand any harsh words. Niklo finished her quest and her ego was still intact. Zeus then bestowed immortality to Niklo, and the status of the goddess of ego and competition to her also. That is the story of our new Olympian Niklo.

Niklo's Quest

During Niklo's quest, she encountered people determined to tear down her ego. This kind of treatment was not new to Niklo, but it seemed as though they were trying harder than usual. She even came in contact with the god Apollo. He was determined to test her ego and see if it was truly fitting for an Olympian. Apollo did not reveal his identity to Niklo until he was positive that she was ready for a place on Mount Olympus. That was not the end of Niklo's quest, she still had to receive blessings from each god and goddess on Zeus's list. She still had to get the approval of Artemis, Ares, Nike, Athena, Hestia, Poseidon, Hera, Dionysus, Demeter, and Hypnos. Niklo did not have a hard time convincing them that she was worthy of a spot on Olympus. She had soon convinced all the gods and goddesses on Zeus's list that she was worthy and headed back to Mount Olympus where Zeus bestowed immortality and status of goddess of ego and competition to her.